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12 Easy Steps to Acquire more Followers on Instagram

Probably, there is not a single Instagram user who does not want to have more followers. While a few argue that the number of their followers is not essential, we cannot deny the fact that getting high-quality followers is an advantage. 

There are three main reasons why people would want to have more followers. 

The first one is because more followers mean a more significant social authority. When you have a massive number of followers, people will see you as an expert or something worth their attention. It may not be valid to assume that someone as a professional based on his follower count, this is how it works in a world where everything is ranked.

Second reason: having more followers extend one’s influence. Instagram is an excellent tool to make your ideas reach people. If these ideas are attention-grabbing, people will start sharing it, causing it to spread to as many people as possible. So, the larger your number of followers, the easier it will be for you to spread your ideas. 

The last reason why people want more followers is that more followers lead to more sales. There are three reasons why you are probably on Instagram– to be entertained, to sell your stuff, and to network with other people. Regardless if it is a brand, a product or service, or even a cause, having more followers provide an opportunity to generate more leads and conversions.

What You Should Not Do to Get Instagram Followers

When trying to gain Instagram followers, never try to trick the system. Growing your follower number takes a lot of time and effort unless you are someone who is already known by the public. So, when you are offered something too good to be true, then it probably is. 

One thing that’s too good to be true is the idea of buying Instagram followers. Imagine making a purchase, and then waking up with your followers doubled in number. Sounds good, right? However, this is against the rules of Instagram. What makes it worse is that the followers you bought are irrelevant and merely for display since they are not targeted and are generic.

Another method that you should not do is using specialized software that is intended to increase your follower count. Such programs rely on following aggressive practices where your profile will follow people in hopes of them to follow back. Once you see that they don’t follow back, you unfollow them and follow additional people. While this method is slightly active, it was not enjoyed for too long. The reason is that Instagram caught this malicious behavior and implemented a policy against it.

12 Steps to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instead of using malicious and illegitimate methods to get followers, you can try using natural ways instead. These 12 steps to get followers is much safer than buying followers or aggressively following random people. In addition, these steps will not go against any of Instagram’s policies. 

Step 1: Show Your Face

The first step to getting more followers is to show your face to people. Make sure to upload a photo as a part of your Instagram profile. Other Instagram users will not follow someone who does not even have a single photo on his profile. The reason is that accounts with no photos are either new or spam. So, when creating an Instagram account, make sure to add a picture of yourself before anything else. 

Step 2: Add an Attention-Grabbing Bio

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things that potential followers look at along with your photo. If your Instagram account is for your brand or business, you can write your tagline in your bio. Apart from bio, always make sure to fill out your username, full name, and location. Instagram will not display your profile on search results unless you have completed the said information. 

Step 3: Consider Using a Customized About Page

An Instagram bio may not be enough to tell you are essential details considering that it has a limit of 160 characters. So, if you have a blog, you can consider creating a custom about page on it and then linking that page to your Instagram profile. This way, your potential followers can smoothly go to your about page when they want to know more about you.

Step 4: Increase your Visibility

There is an unspoken rule on Instagram that some people seem to forget to follow. That rule is to never use a username that is hard to find. No matter how impressive your tweets are, if your username is hard to spell, people will not exert an effort to look for you. You can also paste your Instagram account’s link to your email signature, blog, website, business cards, and anywhere that people can easily see. 

Step 5: Make Your Content Valuable

People want informative content. For this reason, you should make sure that every tweet you post on your account has value. Post content that people will look forward to and engage with. Valuable and informative content is the key to getting liked, commented on, and retweeted. 

Step 6: Post Regularly 

 Unlike Facebook, where you can post several times a week, you have to post daily on Instagram. And daily does not mean one post a day is enough. You have to post informative content at least eight to 10 times every day to make sure that people are engaged in your account. 

 Step 7: Keep your Tweets Short for People to Retweet

The only way for you to get noticed by people who do not follow you is through your followers’ retweets. For this reason, make sure that you keep your tweets short and easy to be retweeted by your followers. Short but informative tweets will more like attract the attention of people and will lead them to follow you.

Step 8: Reply Publicly

Whenever someone is asking a question, make sure to reply publicly. Replying through direct messages will make it look like you are not replying to the subject at all. In return, some of your followers will think that you are unsociable. 

Step 9: Strategically Follow People

When you are following people, make sure that they are related to your industry or those who are relevant to what you offer in case you are promoting a service or product. Some of them will follow back, making you grow your number of targeted followers.

Step 10: Link and Retweet Posts from Others

On Instagram, the more you link and retweet others’ posts, the more people will reciprocate. This is precisely what should happen for you to increase your follower count. However, you should not ask other people to retweet your posts. Instead, post informative and attention-grabbing content and let these posts indirectly tell people to retweet.

Step 11: Do not over-promote

While you can use Instagram to promote a brand or business, it is also important to be careful. Never over-promote on Instagram or you will look like a spammer. If this happens, there is a big chance that you will lose the followers that you worked hard to get.

Step 12: Avoid Using Auto-Responder

Tools like SocialOomph allows you to send messages to your followers automatically. While some people may find these messages helpful, some will find them annoying especially if they receive the same messages repeatedly. 

Wrapping things up, you can say that acquiring followers takes time. You cannot just go to bed and wake up with your Instagram already having a large following. And while it is a little time-consuming to follow the steps mentioned above, they will yield good results in the long run. 

Date: May 1, 2020 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, / Author: E O


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