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How to Optimize Your Instagram Account for Search Engines


It is impossible to mention the top social media applications in the social sphere without mentioning Instagram. It has become the destination of small businesses, influencers, and many others. With more than a million dollars daily in revenue, having an optimized account is almost a priority. An optimized account gets more clicks, and more clicks equal a bite from the chunky revenue- isn't that enticing enough? We have curated a shortlist of steps to follow to ensure that your Instagram account gets all the attention, check it out.

Set profile to public

It is Instagram's standard policy to make every account to the public by default. The consequence of having a public account is that there is unrestricted access to your profile and posts. As a business, this is just ideal for you. This is the first step to take on the journey to ensure that you have an optimized account. If at any time you may have changed your profile from public to private to protect your privacy, you must make the switch. here is how to improve your profile setting from private to public

  • Visit your profile and click the hamburger menu icon:
  • Go to the “Settings” feature. Click “Account Privacy”.You will switch the “Private Account” function “off.”

Once you confirm that the “private account” toggle is switched off, proceed to the next step.

Set up a markup social profile for Instagram

Markup, like schema.org, is used by Google to help marketers identify their media profiles. The marketer has to ensure that the brand/business gets a card in the Knowledge Graph compartment. A card in such a department makes your social media account optimized. Always remember that documentation is essential, and you might need a developer to help you with this.

Get & use a keyword related to your username

Instagram automatically generates a title tag for your Instagram page. This title tag is created with information from your profile. You can identify your title tag via My Title tag (@username)

Manish Dudharejia of searchenginewatch.com says, “Including a primary target keyword under your profile name. This is because it is the only way to get your most important keyword into your InstagramΒ title tags.”

It is vital to avoid keyword stuffing here! However, ensure that whatever is done because your customers can trace you with your name. All alterations or modifications should be closely related.

Here is how to update your Instagram name.

  • Click the profile icon:
  • Click the “Edit Profile” icon
  • follow the instruction and update the “Name” field.

Ensure your bio is optimized

When editing your Instagram profile, ensure that your bio is optimized because of the search results matter.

If you are familiar with Instagram, you already know that your Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters.

With the right hashtag keywords, that are appropriate users can find any of your posts easily.

Use TagBlender and Google Keyword Planner to research for an Instagram hashtag. These tools will help you find profitable keywords.

Your bio shouldn't be limited to hashtags because they should include as much information as possible. One hundred fifty words and less might seem little since it is sufficient to communicate your identity and that of your brand to your public. Information like the URL for your website is another crucial addition that's included because it gives you referral traffic.

Promote your post by inserting links

 Here is a piece of valuable information. If you are using an Instagram web app. In other words, it is mostly buried in javascript. The consequence of this is that posts from your profile are termed “false.” this is the sole reason why most Instagram posts are not indexed

Above all, most marketers try to promote their posts using their profiles – this doesn't seem right. To boost your post, you have to support it the way you help your profile and link them with your other channels. To get this link, follow the process below

  • tap the ellipses located at the corner of the post (bottom right):
  • Click “Copy Link” button found underneath

Make image caption attractive

In addition, it is essential to treat your image caption the same way you treat title tags. Ensure that your captions are catchy, crisp, and understandable because they are not little meta-descriptions. Remember, it is essential to avoid using emojis in your caption. It is not a taboo since it wouldn't help you either. If there should be a surplus of anything, it should be keywords ( rich keywords), not emojis.

Get an Instagram business account

Similarly, millions of businesses are using the Instagram business account because they have all the tools that are missing in a current Instagram account. These tools include the tools that are used for promotional and analytical purposes. All Instagram business accounts have the same feature, which consists of the ability to boost content and a contact button for message sending purposes.

Invest in Quality Followers

Hence, marketers often mistake the number of followers with quality followers because this shouldn't be the case. Having quality followers helps you get an optimized profile. Quality followers result in credibility, and credibility is what sells excellent businesses.


If you follow any of these steps, your profile and posts will continuously turn up on search engines. Most of these features listed above allow you to access the crucial metrics showing performance, impressions, and engagements, which every marketer loves to see.

Date: April 6, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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