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Instagram Influencer Hacks To Get Real Followers

Social media is the world within the world, with its own rules, life, stars, and expectations. This virtual world has made stars of people in and out of social media. Influencers, as they are referred to, are those who control the crowd. They thrive by having an army of those who listen to every word they type.

It is easy to get frustrated with all the suggestions you have been giving concerning how to grow your followers, among other things on Instagram. But even with everything you try or do, it seems like you can never get half as close to what these influencers are controlling. Also, when you do what they do, you still never end up as accessible as they are.

Who Are The Instagram Influencers?

This is a genuine problem that most of the world faces, the question is, how do they do it? What are they doing that others aren’t? How can I get to that level?

How Can I get That Many Real Instagram Followers?

But the first question is, why does everyone what the followership? This is simple: the more followers you get, the more fame you get. This explains why influencers buy Instagram followers on their accounts. Brands come to you for paid promotion; you get endorsements and other financial gains all by doing seemingly nothing. The next question is then how do they do it?

Some say it is by being constant and more involved with other users; others say it’s by being fun and entertaining with what you post. But there are hundreds or even thousands who follow these rules doggedly and still don’t achieve it. Don’t get me wrong; these are handy tips that do help a lot. But they are not the main point; today, I will be giving you some of the Influencers’ best-kept secrets to being famous.

Make friends with other famous people: Everything in life can be contagious, if you follow the famous, you might just become famous. This is true. Follow them but not only for them but for their followers, comment on their posts, and start conversations with followers. The more you mingle, the more you get followers. It’s as simple as that.

Follow people and topics that interest you: Passion and interest are a driving force even in this virtual world. Most influencers are doing what they love to do, and so it’s easy for them to attract people effortlessly. Stop trying to be among what is not you. The good thing about social media influencers is that there is at least one for almost every field of interest.

Keep up to date with your area of interest: It helps that you know the latest trend in what interests you. Keeping a regularly updated post will attract those who seek your knowledge and expertise. So attend functions, watch live broadcasts, never be the second news carrier.

The Instagram Followers Share Their Clout

Stay in with the latest social media trend: This could be demand since a lot of trend cup up regularly. But particularly in other social media handles, try to keep up your media usage. For instance, when there are new media challenges with trending sites like TicTok or face app or any other website, be sure to participate. Followers want to see what their stars are up to and how well they are up to it.

Add lots of hashtags to stories and make them hidden: When you add hashtags to your Instagram stories, you increase your organic reach by over 60%. To maximize reach, you can make use of 30 or more hashtags. The reason is that hashtags enable more people to reach you by connecting your posts and stories to more people. However, it can look spammy when you add too many hashtags to your accounts, so the best way out is by hiding those hashtags.

To conceal your hashtags follow the steps below:

  • Open stories. Chose a photo that you want to share.
  • Write the first hashtag of your choice and place it in an area of the image that has a good background.
  • Use the pen icon and move it across the picture until the hashtag has similar color with the background.
  • Now, your hashtag is hidden or invisible. Repeat with other hashtags you want to add but hide at the same time.

Promote yourself by using all of the effects Instagram offers: you might not have to use all of the impacts, but over 70% is needed. For instance, when promoting yourself or your brand, you can add more colors or change filters. These just help in customization and personalization, two things that have the power to attract people.

There are more colors than the one seems in the default color section, and you can rearrange the filters to only show those that are unique or that is your favorite for easy use when posting. These are all hidden facts that many people don’t know about.

To get more colors, follow these steps:

  • Start by opening stories. Afterward, tap the drawing pen character.
  • Tap any of the colors available on the bottom and hold your finger there.
  • You will see a smear of rising or descending order of colors appear. Move your finger to choose the color you want.
  • You can repeat the process for text or any other thing you want to add color to. Hold your finger on one color and select from the group that appears next. It is that simple.

To make changes to your filters follow these steps:

  • In the part of the app where you edit your regular feed post, go-to filter.
  • Move to the extreme of the filters and tap manage to the right.
  • If you click and hold the icon with three lines on the left side of each screen, you can drag the filters to rearrange the order.
  • To keep filters hidden or visible, check or uncheck the circles on the right of each filter.
  • As soon as you are ok with the order of your filters, click done.

Date: April 20, 2020 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: E O


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