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How Do You Hide Hashtags on Instagram App?

A hashtag might be a seven-letter word, but it has many more than seven uses on Instagram. from helping your followers and others to find your posts to giving life to your captions or even to help you get followers. The immense benefit of using hashtags cannot be overemphasized.

Interestingly, you can have too many hashtags on a post. One, if not the most prominent disadvantage of a hashtag, is the fact that they clutter captions. To avoid cluttered captions, hide your hashtags by following any of the under-listed options. First, let's check the benefits of posts with hidden hashtags.

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is an Instagram feature that can be used to categorize posts in a bid to encourage the discovery of new content and boost reach. They are normally tied with keywords. To discover sport-related content, look out for #sports, for cake or cuisine contents use the hashtags with the (cake, cuisine) hashtag. Hashtags can be used in comments, Instagram stories, and the bios. Many thanks to Instagram, you can include the hashtag using a sticker or by posting it. This guide isn't designed to mention how to post hashtags but to show how to hide them. Below are the reasons why hashtags are better concealed than exposed.

Reasons for hiding hashtags

There are many reasons why you would want to hide your hashtags on your Instagram posts. These reasons include the following. We already mentioned that hashtags make captions look less cluttered, with lesser hashtags on your post, there will be less distraction which often arises with surplus hashtags. Finally, your followers can easily see your hashtags when you subsequently use them.

Creating line breaks

This is perhaps the most typical and most straightforward way to hide hashtags on your post. All you need to do is to create line breaks underneath your caption. To achieve this, you need a text editor on the device. Text editors are normally for crafting captions with line breaks. The following are detailed steps curate for you on how to create line breaks.

  • Open your text editor
  • Type a dot and press “return.”
  • Repeat this process five times
  • After typing the fifth dot, create your hashtags.
  • Copy the text
  • Open Instagram.
  • Paste the text after your caption in the caption portion of the photo

Once this process is completed, the hashtags will disappear and will only be visible to the follower that selects the “see more” option in your caption space.

1.     Put hashtags in the comment section

Instagram allows users to use at least 30 hashtags in a post. Using this amount of hashtags will mess your caption up. To ensure that you have a neat caption here is another way to use your hashtags. Place your hashtag in the comment section of your post. Let every posted picture, be accompanied with captions. In the comment section, ensure that you are first to comment. In the comment section, put any hashtags of any kind. You can go above the 30 hashtag limit or communicate the message with a few hashtags.

2.     Hide hashtags in your stories

Your followers need to know the hashtags you use when you use them. Unfortunately, with too many hashtags in a post, your hashtags can and will be lost in a sea of others. Don't miss our list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers if you have already missed it! You don't always have to have your hashtag with your captions when you can include them in your stories. Do you care to knowhow to do it? Here's how.

  • Write out the hashtags
  • Pinch them if they appear boldly and continue until they are smaller
  • Place either an image or a GIF over this hashtag until it conceals your hashtags.

Another option includes selecting a color tool from the text segment, tap the color chosen twice and watch it blend with the background. This color shields the hashtags. N.B. don't make the hashtag too small.

3.     Use hashtag schedule tools

There are specific tools called Instagram publishers that can create hashtag lists. Instagram publishers normally schedule posts that contain hidden hashtags in the captions. Here is how to use an Instagram publisher.

  • On the publisher tool of your choice, click on the #button
  • Follow the step with the + button
  • The next step is to include symbols, characters, emojis, and schedule the post.

When the scheduled post is published, your post will contain no hashtags at all.

Hiding followed hashtags

For reasons best known to you, you might want to hide the hashtags that you follow. This is a very quick and probably the second most natural means to protect every followed hashtag. To set this up, follow these steps

  • Look for the profile
  • Click on the triple dot (…) option
  • Switch on the “private account setting.

Your followers will still see the hashtags that you follow, but not your Instagram followers won't.



 Hashtags are an extremely vital part of social media. With hashtags, individuals and businesses separated by miles and barriers connect with a few clicks. Just like the famous saying, “too much of everything will make you sick,” too much of hashtags will make your post look sick. By using any of the strategies mentioned above, your Instagram content will have less clutter and still attract friends, followers, and others who follow the trail set by hashtags on the path to discovering fantastic content.

Deciding to hide hashtags or keep them buried in the Instagram stories beneath an emoji, your Instagram posts can look better than ever if you follow the steps highlighted in this guide.

Date: April 16, 2020 / Categories: Apps, / Author: E O


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