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Whoever you are, out of the over 1 billion Instagram users, one thing is sure, no matter how wrong your Instagram video is, you can be confident that by following the information in this guide, you can and will be able to edit your Instagram video, after it's been turned to the Instagram story.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network and a photo-sharing application that allows its registered users called Instagrammers to upload and edit photos and videos using the app, Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012. Still, it was initially owned by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Users of Instagram have used it to share photos (even and live ones), edit the images and videos with any of the filters, and explore the profile of other users in other parts of the world. Instagram is free to download, and users can choose to stick with a free mode (default) or opt for the individual style.

Other features like Instagram story

 If there is anything that Instagram has in surplus, it is the features. These features are what attract the customers/fans, and users most and Instagram also painstakingly ensure that each feature or function is updated or a new one created regularly.

Because of the purpose of this guide, our focus will be the “Instagram story “feature, but we will consider some of the features found in one of the most iconic and famous applications of all time. Here are some of the features that can be found on Instagram.

Video Tagging

One of the most remarkable features of Instagram is the video tagging feature. Tagging was once alien to Instagram until recently. If you have been using Instagram for almost a decade, you would have come into contact with photo tagging, but not video tagging. Today, Instagrammers use the video tagging feature to tag individuals that are captured in a picture and others that aren't. To enable your video tagging, here are a few steps.

  • Visit the profile and click on it
  • Click on the settings
  • From settings click on privacy
  • Click on Tag

Once this process has been followed, any video or photos you have been tagged in will show on your profile

Direct Messaging

The direct messaging feature is another that was commonly found in other social media sites/applications but has made a steady inroad to become one of Instagram's most beautiful and best features. The direct messaging feature allows users to send private messages to friends, family, or contacts. Here is how to submit a DM.

  • Log in and open the app
  • Look out for the icon shaped like a paper plane. It is located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “new message” prompt
  • Always Click on the icon of the person you want to message
  • Click on “write a message.” 
  • Type the message and send


A hashtag is another remarkable feature of Instagram. Hashtags are famous on networks like Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media sites. Interestingly, the hashtag is not only a feature, but it is also a symbol. There are many benefits of using the hashtag. They include letting users create unique messages that are easy to find. Another advantage of using a hashtag is that hashtags are used to start conversations. If you want to make the best of your hashtag, follow the rules below.

  • Ensure that your hashtag is short and straightforward
  • Be sure that the use is consistent
  • Ensure that your hashtag is well- researched and coherent
  • Don't forget that you use more than your brand name (in some cases)

Filters and Color Change

Another feature that makes Instagram stand out amongst other applications in terms of features is because of its abundant filters. The advantages of using these filters on your Instagram video include but are not limited to the following. Filters are a great way to get more Instagram followers. Filters are made from different effects and colors, which makes them the perfect choice for introducing fun and flair to the images of that they are applied. There are many filters, and they include color picture effects, face filters, and AR filters.

  • They make the videos or images aesthetically appealing
  • Consistent use of a particular screen makes your image identifiable

Instagram Story

This is perhaps the most critical feature in this guide. The Instagram story allows users to post any content, from photos to videos and more to their stories. These stories can last for only 24 hours, and the videos are usually 15- seconds long.

How to Edit Instagram Video Posted on a Story

How to Edit Instagram Video Posted on a Story

It is pretty simple; however, Instagram doesn't allow the user to modify the contents of their videos; it will enable the users to save and delete any of the posts. Here is how to keep or delete any story of your choice.

  1. Begin by opening the app
  2. Click on the “your story” icon which is situated below the profile picture (often at the upper left of the Instagram feed)
  3. Click on the three-dot image. This icon will open several options on a menu.
  4. On the popup menu, click on “delete.”
  5. To save: click on “save” instead of delete.

You can edit a story highlight

To select the Highlight, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the icon with three-dot
  • Click on the “edit highlight” feature
  • You can choose to edit the “cover” or choose a new one
  • Click on “Done” to finish the process.


Other third-party apps can be used to edit your Instagram videos on your Instastories. These apps include Canva, unfold, Hype type, Inshot. These apps are compatible with android and apple operating systems, and they can perform a variety of functions. These functions include blurring backgrounds, adjusting video speed, and creating collages. We hope we have helped you with this definitive guide.

Date: April 2, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: E O


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