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Guide: How To Bulk-Delete Your Instagram Pictures


The world's population currently stands at almost 8 billion, and of this number, nearly 25 percent are members of the Instagram community. This makes Instagram one of the largest online communities globally. Because of this large community on Instagram, the unspoken rule about posts and contents states that “whatever you post is what you will see.” Over the years, the careless posts by internet users, including Instagram users, have been responsible for several results (positive and negative).

Some photos have been responsible for helping sure folks land better-paying jobs. In contrast, others have been responsible for making others lose their jobs. With almost 30 million different brands using Instagram, one cannot underestimate the role a lousy picture can play in determining one's future. Deleting photos becomes extremely important. 

Reasons for deleting pictures    

Attracting a new job or the fear of losing one aren't the only reasons valid make you want to delete your Instagram pictures. These reasons are  

  • Posting multiple photos: posting multiple photos often occurs when you inadvertently post the same images on your profile. Similar images without variations will make the post appear cluttered. If this happens, the best thing to do is to delete it.
  • Rebranding self: it is not surprising to know that you can start a new phase of your life ( as a matter of fact, most people love that and do so). This act of rebranding involves deleting old images of yourself or images that no longer represent your beliefs, personality, or ethics.
  • Rearranging your profile: sometimes, all you need to have a profile that is fresh and professional looking is to arrange it. To arrange your profile, you might need to delete the old post and post new ones.

The following reasons are a few of the reasons why you should delete your Instagram pictures. There you have them. Since these reasons have been established, it is vital to know how to remove these pictures yourself.

Step 1: Ensure that you are logged in

It is impossible to initiate any process on Instagram except you are logged in. The first process in deleting your Instagram account is ensuring that you are logged in. If you aren't logged in, click on your username and enter your password. Complete this process by clicking “login.” Once you are logged in, follow the next step.

Step 2: Select the photos

This step is quite simple, and it depends on the number of photos that the user wants to be deleted. To select the images for deletion, select each picture or click on select all (Instagram restricts the number of deleted photos to 30). Once the photographs are chosen, you are one step away from removing the pictures, and all that's left is a few more steps.

Step 3: delete the selected images

The delete icon is located at the bottom of the app, and once it is clicked on, the chosen images will be deleted. The deleted images don't disappear like a puff of smoke- it takes some time. Other factors also influence the speed of deletion; these factors include your internet connection and your phone's processor speed.

Step 4: wait for a while

While you wait for the deletion process to occur, you can pass the time doing other things. You can surf the web, you can plan for your new post, you can even play a game. The deletion process takes a few minutes to 1 hour. It is advisable to wait for at least 1hour.

Step 5: continue the steps

Once one hour is completed and you still have more photos to delete, well, you already know what to do. Repeat the following steps listed above again until you are satisfied with the results or until you have completely deleted the entire images that you want to delete.

Use a free/paid for cleaner apps  

Deleting your Instagram photos can and will take a long time, especially if you have lots of posts and so little time to spare. Removing 30 posts every one hour may be quite limited for this purpose. This is why free cleaner apps like this cleaner for the IG app program were invented. Most applications like this are compatible with android and apple devices. Other cleaner/cleaning applications include Instaclean, cleaner, instacleaner.

How to use the cleaner app

  • Visit the play store and download the application on your device
  • Kick-start the app, and if your device asks for permission to use the app, click on the “allow” option.
  • Search for the option “Login with Instagram,” browse through the terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the “agree” option
  • Ensure that you select all the photos that need to be deleted from your profile
  • At the upper right corner of the app, click on the icon” actions.” 
  • Click the “delete” button.


There you have it. It was easier than you ever imagined. Now you can delete those pictures that you pasted long ago with no or poor filters. You can clear out old images for new ones and, most importantly, ensure that you delete whatever post that you no longer want on your profile or page. If you found this post useful, share it with a friend- they will thank you for it.

Date: April 9, 2020 / Categories: Apps, / Author: E O


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