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Why You Need a Private Instagram Account in 2020

The way social media functions have shown that the most vital security feature for a social media company is in preserving the users’ trust. Social media users want to be reassured that their data is not exposed to the public. Instagram, as a platform, has taken significant steps in ensuring that information about the user is heavily protected; one Instagram feature that helps to do this is the “Private Instagram account.”

The Private Instagram account helps to protect your profile

With the protected profile, the public won’t be able to view your profile. A private Instagram account user has to approve every follower on that account, thus, giving you the ability to control who sees your content and have access to your data.
But what if you want to view a private Instagram account, how do you go about it? There are four ways to see an Instagram account, and they are;

  • The Legitimate way
  • Searching the username or the real name
  • Pretending to be another person
  • Using third-party apps.

The Legitimate Way:

The official and the simplest way to see the content of a private Instagram account is to send a follow request. Typically, individuals that have a private Instagram account usually follow requests with individuals that they’re familiar with. You can only get declined in such instances where the account owner is hiding some information from you. When your follow request is accepted, you can see the content of the private Instagram account.

This method is the only method that’s approved by Instagram. However, it depends on the relationship you have with the account owner. If you’ve built no connection with the account owner, you may also be accepted if the account owner finds your profile interesting.

Why Choose a Private Instagram Account?

If you’re sending a follower request to someone you have no pre-existing relationship with, it’s best if you send a direct message to the user; this will increase the chances of granting your follow request. You can say, “Hi! I’m your junior in high school,” or “Hi! We met at prom;” this can be all you need to build some connection with the account user.

Having a connection with the person is very sacrosanct if you want the individual to accept you. If you don’t have any relationship, then it depends on your ability to convince the person to take your follow request.
You need to avoid over-interacting with the private Instagram account, especially if you don’t know them personally as that may prompt them to block you.

Searching for the username or real name

This method won’t give you in-depth details of the private Instagram account, but it will help you to have a little idea of the content of the account. To do this, you need to log into your Instagram account, then type the name and username in the search box. When you see the account in the search result, tap on it, and copy the name.

Go to a Google.com, and paste the name into the search engine. You can also copy one of their pictures that they’ve used and carried out a reverse image search. If your search is bringing out many and strange results, you can narrow down the results by including quotation and location. For example, if the name is Michael Smith, and you know that he lives in New Jersey, and went to Hiddenville high school, you can search for: “Michael Smith” Hiddenville high school New Jersey.

You can do the same with celebrities. However, this method may not give you the full details of the Instagram account.
If you need more photos of an individual on Instagram, you should search for their login ID; this will show you their pictures that are on other websites. Although this method only gives you a little detail on the content of the private Instagram account, it can come in handy in certain situations.

Using Third-Party Apps and Sites

If you check Google for how to view a private Instagram account, you will get a lot of results in methods to test a private Instagram profile. However, you may also get directed to some websites with the hidden agenda of gathering personal data from you.

Some trustworthy sites that you should try out are “Private Instaviewer,” “Watchinsta,” and “Instaspy.” All these websites will help you to access private Instagram accounts without paying any money and asking for many details. Some of these sites will completely hide your identity, and they have chat rooms where you can discuss any problem you may be facing.

The demerit of using these third-party apps and websites is that they’re from shady backgrounds, and as such, it can be used for illegal activities. For example, some of those websites will ask that you fill individual surveys, while some will require that you put in your credit card details to complete the process.

Also, some of these sites are connected. They will show a different URL while filling a survey form, and then take you to another URL after filling the form. If you don’t want to use this unsafe method, you can try out one more purpose.

Why You Need a Private Instagram Account in 2020

Pretending to be Another Person

If you were declined from accessing a private Instagram account for personal reasons, you could open another Instagram account with a fake name and a different email address.

After creating the account, you can then request to follow the website. This technique is similar to what Instagram spammers do; they generate fake names and use these names to spam targeted Instagram accounts.
You can increase your chances of being accepted by sending a message to the Instagram account first. This will help the person to trust you better, as people hardly agree to follow requests from websites that are newly opened.

Date: March 25, 2020 / Categories: Case Studies, / Author: E O


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