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Instagram Shopping: How-To and Setup Guide for 2020

From Brazil to Kenya and from China to Ghana, e-commerce is leveling a once uneven playing field. Instagram shops are looking the same irrespective of the location. This is not only exciting for anyone interested in setting up and running an Instagram shop; it is also promising. In the world of business, numbers mean a lot, and one billion users on Instagram is much more than any small business can hope for. More than half of this one billion users are active users (they visit Instagram every day). Out of this 500 million, one out of every ten users follows or buys products from a business account daily.

We have written this guide for you to help you navigate through the maze of feeds, sales channels, Shopify, and whatnots. Check it out.

how to setup instagram shopping guide

What is Instagram Shopping and How Do You Setup for 2020?

You can call it by whatever name that you want, Instagram shopping, or “shopping on Instagram,” Instagram shopping is very much like every form of shopping, albeit with a unique touch. This feature was designed to bring buyers, sellers, and users of any product together. Instagram shopping allows e-commerce brands to have a storefront for displaying their goods and services. Just like a conventional storefront, the tagged product on any post is highlighted for the customer to purchase (such purchases can occur without having to visit the website). However, you can be assured that the customer can buy as soon as they click on the product.

How To Set Up Instagram Shopping

#1 Check for eligibility

When it comes to Instagram shopping, eligibility is a critical factor to consider. You might have the best content, you might be great at engagement, you might even have an experience in e-commerce, but if you fail the eligibility test, it is impossible to set up your Instagram shopping. Countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, France, and Spain are few of the eligible countries in Europe. There are a few other countries that are also eligible, and you can find out your country's eligibility here. If your country isn't qualified, you might have to wait or probably use a VPN.

#2 Connect your platforms

Once you ascertain that your country is eligible for Instagram shopping, you already have one foot through the door ( which means that you are ready for the next step ). It is time to integrate your platforms. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook (if you haven't done that beforehand). You can throw in your twitter and Snapchat account, but the most important of them all is your Facebook channel. Get the Facebook channel on your Instagram, and you are ready for business. Once done with the channel, the next step is to set up a business account on Instagram. The business account must bear your brand's name, and it must contain important information. To conclude this step, install the Instagram sales channel on the platform called Shopify. This will enable you to add products and links easily.

#3 Create a post and upload pic

This next step should be easy for you (if you have a non- business account on Instagram). Once your platform is set up on Shopify, the next step is to post any image of your choice to Instagram. when posting pictures, ensure that they are clear (on photo-sharing apps like Instagram, sharper images are always best)

#4 Tag and select the products

After posting the images of your choice, you will see an option “Tag products.” This option is the same as tagging people in a personal Instagram post. Tap the particular image and tag with the appropriate words. Tagging allows you to input the products name the way you would want it to be seen by your customers in your store (physical and virtual store). Once you finish posting and tagging, you are ready for selling. Here is a point to note. The number of tagged products per post is limited. The exception to this is posting carousel posts. With these posts, you can tag more products than you can in a regular post.

how to setup shopping on instagram

Let the Instagram Shopping 2020 Sale Begin!

Provided you follow this post step by step, you will successfully set up an Instagram shopping post. This means you are just one click away from raking in profit.

Tips on how to have an efficient shopping experience:

To enjoy a streamlined shopping experience, you must understand that there are specific steps that must be religiously followed (even when your brand becomes famous). Check them out.

#1 Be engaging

Instagram shopping is like conventional shopping, and like every traditional shop, the more engaging you are, the more you attract customers. Engagement retains old customers, and it also attracts new ones. Ensure that your posts are timely, clear, and purposeful. Engagement involves a prompt response to the message, treatment of complaints, and rewarding fan loyalty promptly. Successful brands on Instagram know that humans are communal beings, which is why they ensure that they build their fan base of buyers into a family (community). They get this done by continuous engagement.

#2 Flip the script (be dynamic)

If there is any lesson to learn on social media, it is the lesson on dynamism. Visitors are hardly attracted to boring posts, and customers may get tired also. To prevent this, ensure that your content is compelling and dynamic. Dynamic doesn't mean different and unconnected); it means your content should be lively and unpredictable.

#3 Hashtags are Critical

To get an efficient shopping experience, ensure that you use hashtags. Hashtags will help you pass the right message along with your pictures; Hashtags also allow your customers to find your product or brand faster in a maze of the same products.

Date: March 8, 2020 / Categories: Guide, / Author: E O


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