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Guide: The Ideal Length of Instagram Stories for Most Followers

What Is The Ideal Length for Instagram Stories if You Want More Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a fun tool because its filters, effects, and other features make it a favorite for picture and video loving individuals. These individuals employ these features in creating, editing, and posting images of themselves, their pets, their holiday experiences, and other fun moments in their lives. Almost 40 million businesses and brands use its algorithm, its promotion tools, and its advertisement features. Companies promote their brands, connect with their fans and customers, and also to transact business.

Here Is A Unknown Way To Get More Followers on Instagram

You are using Instagram for fun or using It to boost and build your business. One thing is incontestable, Instagram will get filled with a lot of features. Filters are used to edit and beautify images to the television feature (IGTV). This allows users to create and share visual content, and most notably, the Instagram story feature. Not surprisingly, new Instagram businesses are even buying Instagram followers to capture the rise of traffic from quarantined people.

What is an Instagram story

There is no denying that Instagram is a feature-filled application. One of these features includes the Instagram story. Instagram story is the feature that allows users to capture and post related images and video content in a format that resembles a slideshow.

Although Instagram stories seem like a stand-alone feature, any posted story can be modified, the way any Instagram content can get edited.

The Instagram story gets launched in the second quarter of 2016. Although many have claimed that it seemingly resembles a related feature on Snapchat, the Instagram story has its differences.

Features of Instagram story        

If you have used the “my story” feature in Snapchat, you will notice that it is similar to the Instagram story in terms of features. Snapchat is not the topic of our discussion here, so that we would stick with the Instagram story. These features enable the users to edit and modify their images to their taste.


Here are the features of the Instagram story

· Text: one of the most notable and exciting features of Instagram stories is the text feature. With this feature, users can introduce new and colorful texts to their Stories in place of annoying and boring ones. There are a variety of font options to choose from, and you can change the font size, text alignment, colors, and even use picker tools.  

· Emoticons: another notable feature of the Instagram story is the emoticons. Emoticons are those facial expressions in the form of a frown, smile, or a smirk formed from a specific combination of keyboard characters. Instagram stories allow the user to apply emoticons to their stories. Emoticons come in the form of stickers, and they are getting located at the left of the story panel.   

· Images and videos: this is the reason why Instagram stories exist. Images and videos are the most crucial aspect of an Instagram story. Instagram allows users to share single and multiple photos of their stories. You can capture a new picture from either the front camera(selfies) or the back camera.

· Augmented reality stickers (AR): another fun feature of the Instagram story is the augmented reality stickers. These stickers are famous for their animated displays. If you have seen Star Wars, Disney, harry potter, or any other prominent animated presentations on your friends or fan's Instagram stories. You have an understanding of what an AR sticker means.

· Drawings: if you have noticed colorful, pen, pencil, or crayon-like markings on Instagram stories, then you know what drawings are. It is needless to say that Instagram is getting designed for fun-loving individuals. With the drawing feature, there is no doubt that there is endless fun using the pen icon to pen down your story or add some design to your picture or videos. The drawing option can get used to write, draw or scribble “playful nothings” on the image.

How long can an Instagram story stay up?

They might be images or videos, but they are still Instagram stories. Once set up, they can only last on your profile shortly. Instagram stories can be separate bits of 15 seconds videos. They are pieced together by a third-party app to create videos that last longer.

Coincidentally, Instagram stories also have a limit. Users can view and play an Instagram story for a limited time.

How to make a story?

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Click on the camera icon situated at the left corner
  • Capture a photo/video or share an already captured one
  • Edit video or photo
  • Share

Once you follow these instructions you will successfully share your content on Instagram's story.

How to view a story?

If you don't have a third-party app that can add Instagram stories together for you you can post several 15 seconds videos.

If you need tips on how to view an Instagram story, here is one.

  • Ensure you log in and open the app
  • Click the home icon on the screen
  • Click on the circular icon showing above the user's name.
  • To navigate between story and video, swipe continuously
  • To navigate between different Instagram stories, swipe left or right.


Instagram stories are fun and also functional. Instagram is the best way to share lovely moments with family, friends, and loved ones or information with clients, customers, or fans. 

Date: March 31, 2020 / Categories: Guide, / Author: E O


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