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Can You Check Instagram Messages on PC? Yes!

With over one billion people using this application, it is not surprising that it is the most popular app for sharing photos and videos globally. Unlike other social networks that have fewer monthly users compared to the total number of registered users, Instagram has a steady user base that placed it on a steady climb. It appears that Instagram is the cream of the crop when compared to other mobile applications.

Still, others seem to knock it off its perch as regards having a fully functional PC version that makes using Instagram on the desktop stress-free. As a result of this limitation, actions such as reading or sending direct messages are almost impossible, except you know what to do. In the next few lines, you would read about “how to check and send those messages on your PC. Here they are.

Can You Check Instagram Messages on PC? Yes!


Most modern versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10 have an official Instagram app on the app store. Windows 10 has an Instagram app that supports sending and receiving direct messages. To access and enjoy this function, you must download the app. Here is how to download the Instagram app for windows 10.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store and search for Instagram.
  • Follow the next step
  • Click on the prompt that is labeled Get.
  • The displayed message will show that you already own the app. At this point, the app downloads automatically.
  • Once it's completed, this is complete click Launch.

At this point, it is believed that you have an Instagram account, so let's skip the small talk and sign in at the bottom of the window. Input the necessary information like your username and password and click the Log In icon to log in.

When you click the Instagram Direct icon in the top-right corner(The icon that resembles a paper airplane), this will bring up all your existing DMs. To compose a new one, click the plus sign. To search for old messages, use the search bar to find them.


Another way to check your Instagram messages on PC is by using an android emulator. Emulators are devices that represent an android gizmo or device. Names like BlueStacks, Nox, DOSBox, and Dolphin. Using any of these emulators to install the Android Os on your computer. After which you can install the Instagram application.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to use an emulator to send messages

  • To install the emulator of your choice you have to initiate the download process
  • Once opened, the next step is to follow the prompt requesting you to sign in to your Google account.
  • Phone number verification is the next step. (this process might differ depending on the AED of your choice.
  • Once you are signed in, click the Google Play Store on the screen.
  • Search for Instagram.
  • Next, click Install.
  • Upon installation of the Instagram application, Click and provide the accurate login information,
  • As soon as you are logged in, the app is ready for use.

Instagram can be used on PC the same way as you would use your phone. It might be an emulation, but the Instagram account plays the same function.


 You can use third-party apps if you don't have an android emulator, or if you don't have a windows ten on your device .what are these third party devices? Third-party devices are those devices that weren't developed by Instagram but can be used on different platforms; in this case, they allow the user to manage their direct messages.

There are several third-party applications available. They include apps like instazood, IGdm, DMpro best one is probably, these apps are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

Any app you use, there are often two panes (the left and the right pane) your recent conversations are always on the left pane while the history is usually on the right side. To initiate a new chat, scroll to the bottom of the page. You can launch a search for other users from the top of the app. Most third-party apps allow you to check users that haven't followed them back. Most third-party apps have both free and paid-for options. Whichever option that you go for ensuring that you can check messages and reply to them. 


sometimes and android emulator or third-party apps may not work for you; you can still do something at these moments. Try using android mirrors. Here is how an android mirror works. An android mirror mirrors your screen's device to your computer by using an in-built Mirror utility from Windows 10. There is a challenge while using this option. Android mirrors always require your phone to be in proximity. here is how to set up an android mirror in quick steps

  • On a Windows 10, enabled computer search for the option ‘connect” and open the app (ensure your phone is close by).
  • On your Android device, visit Settings, click Display from there, click Cast.
  • The name of the ‘setting' option varies depending on the device,
  • Click on your PC's designated name.
  • Change to the Connect app, and you are ready to go.


Here you have it. You just read it yourself. No doubt that there is more than one way to check your Instagram DMs using PC. Whether you've lost your phone, or you prefer a PC, you know that you can now send direct messages back and also receive them with ease on Instagram.

Date: March 27, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: E O


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