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Bullying Instagramer Gets 150,000 Followers: Is Censorship Even Good?

Today, social media has played an enormous part in people’s everyday life. From daily updates like news and politics to personal posts, social media has made a significant impact on how people see the world. You’ll find different social media platforms online today, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. With the vast expansion of social media platforms online, personal life has never been seen this much publicity. Social media enables people to connect, communicate, share, and even view other people’s content. 

Social Media On The Censor!

Since social media is growing rampant on the web, a lot of people gather information like a sponge. For instance, social media influencers often use this as the catalyst to increase followers and subscribers. Utilizing the capabilities of social media to reach their target audiences instantly, people create enticing and attractive content to increase their popularity or fame.

Furthermore, video creation and online streaming is a big trend right now. Often, you will find videos talking about social affairs, news, and politics. Also, you will find different content with reviews, opinions, and intriguing ideas as their primary objective. Although most people may perceive this as genuine effort and intriguing, most are filled with discrimination and discrepancies. This is the exact situation faced by a 13-year-old boy on his Instagram account. 

The Boy Who Faced Bullying 

Sharing your opinions, recommendations, and suggestions is an all-too-common situation online. You can answer questions posted by other people through commenting or sending a message. Also, voicing out your ideas today has never been more accessible due to the introduction of an extensive array of social media platforms like Instagram. Today, Instagram is an inclusive environment for people to post their content for their audience to see. For instance, you will find several celebrities updating their profiles multiple times a day. You will also discover influencers using Instagram’s broad niche to promote products and services. 

 Last week, a 13-year-old boy named Callum Manning from South Shield started his own Instagram account. Although, you will find most teens posting memes and rich content like videos and GIFS at the age of 13. However, in Callum’s case, everything is different. He started his Instagram page discreetly named “ Cal’s Book Account” for the sense of reviewing books he has read. Callum decided to curate such content with a mindset of flagging up books he liked to his friends. However, the toxicity of the online environment made a devastating impact on his account. 

Misinformation or Freedom?

Apart from misleading information and worthless comments, people often dove into bullying users online for several reasons, including “nerdy” content. When you’re young, and your interests are way different in your age group, you’re heading to a world full of hurt. Bullying is prevalent in younger generations, and this is precisely what happened with Callum. People started sending insulting and degrading messages to a group chat he had joined at his new school. 

Callum’s love for reading books knows no bounds. When compared to other teens on his age, Callum’s interest is unique. However, the bullying he experienced left him scathed and utterly dumfounded. With his knack for being impervious to crying, the amount of humiliation he received that day was too much, leaving him in shambles. 

The Boy Who Regained His Composure

Although Callum’s account was riddled with a lot of discrimination and purposeful bullying, this headed to a brighter side when his sister entered the fray. Ellis Landreth, 24, wrote on Twitter mentioning the issue his brother is facing. Next, Ellis posted Callums’s Instagram on Twitter and stated the condition of bullying experienced by his brother. Ellis suggested that she could not perceive how awful kids are online. Also, she said that his brother’s new school ridiculed him all the while, creating a group chat saying that Callum’s a creep. In addition to this, the group chat added Callum for him to see the embarrassment he is in. 

Callum’s sister said that she was hoping some of her friends would see the issue and, in turn, like a few of Callum’s posts or follow him to show some encouraging results for Callum’s interest in books. However, not only are Ellis’ friends showing their support on Callum’s account, but within a few hours, Callum’s follower count has risen exponentially. Garnering thousands of new followers, Callum’s account was filled with comments showing support for the teen’s love of reading. In addition to this, this sudden rise of followers also helps mitigate the cause of bullying online. Callum said, “ People saw it, and people just thought, “it’s not right” because it isn’t .”

The Boy Who Overcome Despair

Even though bashed with several comments on his fondness of reviewing books, Callum never stopped. And, after attaining a considerable amount of followers, Callum said that he is delighted since there are still people in the world who are kind. Callum’s account surpassed 150,000 followers at the beginning of March and is still growing. With people propelling his account amidst the bullying, it caught the attention of several book enthusiasts, including notable authors and publishers.

Caroline Kepnes, the author of the book You, contacted Callum and offered to send him more books to read and review. What’s more, several of Callum’s new followers were shocked to see books written by Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, and George Orwell. In addition to these, Callum also read and reviewers novels, including the Harry Potter and Twilight literary pieces. With a vast supply of books coming from several directions, Callum’s mother, Carla Landreth, said that her problem now is where will she put all the books Callum is receiving. Besides, Ms. Landreth hopes that Callum’s experience will make a considerable impact on alleviating bullying.

The Bottom Line: Is Censorship Online Permissible?

Whether you’re bullying someone or the one taking the brunt of it, social media will still be unpredictable. Some people despise others to increase their popularity, while some support others to build up better relationships. In addition to this, Instagram is a place where if you lack followers, immersion, and relevant content, your profile can be forfeited. With Callum’s example, having a more comprehensive range of audience and resources, you’ll reach your goal in no time and can even turn the worst of events into a fruitful future. 

Date: March 20, 2020 / Categories: Case Studies, / Author: E O


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