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Build Instagram Followers With IG Stories as an Artist

Since the introduction of the Stories features on Instagram, a lot of people have found various ways to improve their presence on the platform. Today, a significant number of Instagram users find themselves using the feature to better promote their lifestyle, content, and business. But asides doing this, the feature has offered a good number of opportunities for people to easily boost their fan-base. Some of these people include artists, who have for a very long time now, built their fans through the use of Instagram.

build ig stories to build instagram followers

How To Use IG Stories To Build Followers on Instagram

As an artist, you will experience dealing with fans many times in your life. However, when it comes to building a fan-base, the process is a lot more difficult than many imagine. If you are one of the many artists struggling to do this, then we have got you covered. This article takes you through some of the best ways you can use one of Instagram's popular features to build your audience.

Instagram Stories have made a massive impact on the way people promote their presence on the platform. Below, we will examine an overview of some of the best ways you can do this as an artist. Here's the deal:

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content(UGC) is a significant way to boost your presence in the social network of Instagram. If you are a newbie to the concept, then you should understand that UGC refers to having your followers distribute content about you online. Doing this is not a problem, as you can rapidly compel your fans to generate content about you. Loyal fans will do this, and since stories are mostly viewed than most regular posts, having them post about you in their stories can greatly boost your fan-base. This is why people buy Instagram Story Views to leverage other user content!

Consider the use of influencers

Influencers are one of the best sets of people that handle the promotion of the profile across social media platforms. On Instagram, you will always find influencers who are ready to advertise your skills and work their way toward promoting your Instagram profile through their stories. Adopting this method can significantly enhance your fan-base in a short time, thereby improving the engagement users have with you and your profile.

Host contests and use quizzes

Stories usually disappear within 24 hours. Having a contest that only lasts 24 hours could greatly catch the attention of users on the Instagram platform. As an artist, most of your fans would want to be involved in your contest or quiz. And fortunately, your followers would want their friends to take part in getting the rewards you will be willing to offer. This, in turn, provides a better level of exposure and creates a promotional avenue that attracts the attention of more people to become your fan.

In other words, providing a prize to users if they carry out a simple task can cause great engagement.

Use videos

According to public research, content with videos tend to experience more engagement than content without. The same can be said for your stories. By adding videos to your stories, you tend to boost the engagement rate involved. Today, most social media users prefer to view videos, and to give them what they want through your stories is sure to leave a good impact on your fan-base.

Add amazing captions

Captions are crucial. As an artist, you will want to ensure your followers get a grasp of what every of your content is all about. If you are posting videos or photos on your stories, then you should be ready to offer them good captions. This comes as a great way to better describe what your story may be about, thereby helping you to avoid keeping users hanging.

Use hashtags

When it comes to some of the best features ever introduced to the Instagram social network, hashtags are never left out of the picture. Through hashtags, people have found ways to propel their content towards their audience a lot easier. Asides putting content towards your audience, hashtags come in handy for helping people improve engagement. As an artist, this can come in handy when you use them in your stories.

instagram stories and featured ads can get more followers

Consider the use of Stories Ads

Story ads are now being used by people to improve the reach of their stories. As an artist, promoting all of your content should come as one of your priorities. Luckily, Instagram had offered a good way to do this through the use of its Story Ads feature. Just as the name implies, the feature handles advertising the ads of users on the platform. It is a good option for artists to promote themselves to better build their fan-base.

Use Story Highlights

The famous Story Ads feature is not the only feature relating to Stories introduced by the Instagram platform. Today, users can easily group all of their past stories into a particular section. This feature is referred to as Story Highlights. It allows users to keep their stories as a collection for users of the platform to gain access to.

As an artist, this can be of great help as even after time has passed, you will still gain a lot of fans from your old stories.

Share personal stories

Stories are amazing features that can be used to perform various tasks. Through your Instagram Stories, you can talk about personal experiences and stories that deal with your life. Today, users and fans will always show interest in knowing more about their favorite artists. As an artist, you can use Instagram Stories to help your followers understand a lot more about you by providing personal stories.


Instagram is a huge platform. Due to its size, providing users with amazing features to help them get the best kind of social experience is what it does. Today, Instagram Stories is essential as it can help you build a fan-base as an artist. The above-listed tips should come in handy in helping you do this. Good luck!

Date: March 2, 2020 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: E O


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