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Top 10 Most Interesting Instagram Marketing Facts

People post nearly everything on Instagram, a lot of viewers love Instagram as a social media site, and that is understandable/ The site is filled with many interesting photos and videos. On an average day, Instagram contains highly captivating videos, a little sneak peek on the platform, and you are already spending hours.

Instagram was once the spot for sharing vacation pics; now, it contains nearly everything. Instagram is now a place where every brand, business owners, and advertisers want to build a presence.
If you’re a marketer or business owner, it is safe to conclude that your potential customers are on Instagram. But if you need more convincing reasons to be on the platform, the statistics that we’ll be sharing on this article will help you to appreciate Instagram as a marketing platform.

  1. Over one billion monthly active users

    According to TechCrunch, there over one billion people log in to their Instagram account at least once a month. That’s a significant achievement for a mobile app whose primary use is for photo sharing. As at the time of writing this article, Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. It is also the fastest growing social media site, which means it may attain the enviable position of the most used social media site. The more you acquaint yourself with this app today, the better positioned you will be in the future.
    If you doubt whether you should join Instagram or not, the numbers should convince you. Continue reading for more statistics on Instagram.
  2. Instagram is the second most engaged network

    Instagram is quite an addictive platform; as such, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that Instagram is the second most engaged social network. Facebook holds the first position as a little over 60% of its users in the U.S. will log in once a month, while 37.4% of its users in the U.S. will log in to Instagram at least once a month.
    This statistic shows that if you’ve been neglecting this social media platform, then you’re sure missing a great deal of fun and customers.
  3. Young people love Instagram

    Over 70% of those who use this social media site daily are below the age of 35; this shows that the mobile app appeals to younger adults than their older counterparts.
    The age range that is most popular on the platform is 25-34, followed by those in the age bracket 18-24. If your target audience falls within this category, then you need to be on Instagram.
    If you understand social media demographics, it will give you an idea of the users of each social media site; this way, you can make an educated guess on which platform will bring you positive results.
    If your primary target audience is young adults, then you should know that Instagram is the platform to build your presence.
  4. Instagram users spend 53 minutes per day on the social media app

    In 2018, Instagram users spent 53 minutes per day on the mobile app, while Facebook users spend 58 minutes every day on the platform. The time people spend on a social media site matters because it determines the chances of them seeing your ads and posts. It also affects how much of likes, comments, and D.M.’s you will get.
    Also, you need to be conscious of the time of day that your audience is usually active on the platform; that way, you will be making a new post when they are online; this increases the visibility of your post.
  5. 71% of businesses based in the U.S. use Instagram

    The increase in the popularity of this platform is why so many companies are now joining the platform. Research done by mention in 2018 shows that 71% of US-based businesses use the platform to display their product, services, pass information to their audience, etc.
    As a marketer, the engagement you get on your post can help you to gauge the perception of people about your product or brand. 80% of U.S. businesses say that Instagram engagements are a vital way to measure the potential success or failure of your product or services.
  6. Over 80% of Instagrammers discover the new product on Instagram

    In research done by Facebook in 2019, 83% of Instagram users say that they continuously find new and useful products on Instagram. The same study also shows that brands with a presence on Instagram are generally seen to be more authentic.
    Instagram is evolving from being that platform that only gives awareness to your product to one that actively influences the process of buying and selling.
  7. Over 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories daily.

    Instagram stories are a useful tool for marketers; if you’re just knowing this, then you’re missing out on a lot. Already, over 30% of Instagram stories are from businesses.
    You can watch an Instagram Story when you tap on a profile picture at the top of your feed. The profile images represent those with an Instagram story; if you tap on that profile picture, it will show you their story. You can navigate to the next photo by tapping the right side of the screen, and you can check a previous picture by tapping the left side of the screen.
  8. Instagram users follow brands

    More than half of those on Instagram follow at least one business account, and over 60% of Instagram users have thought of purchasing a product from a brand. It shows that it is easy for your brand to be famous on Instagram if you have the right strategy. Irrespective of your location, Instagram can make your brand known to the right audience.
    As a brand, you should open an Instagram business profile; this profile allows businesses to add more information than what you can do with your account. You will also get more access to valuable information that can help you to know how your post or ad is faring. This is a great way to get more Instagram followers regardless of your profile. It will also help you to understand your audience better so that you can alter your content to their interest.
  9. Instagram generates more engagement than Facebook

    Instagram makes 4x more engagement than Facebook does, what this means is that you will have more likes and shares if you share a product on Instagram compared to when you do the same on Facebook. The reason for this is that Instagram is more visual than Facebook. You can also make use of other platforms like IGTV and live videos to increase your audience engagement.
  10. Instagram affects the purchasing decision of Instagrammers

    Over 80% of those who use Instagram says that the platform influences their decision on what to buy.
    If your business does not have a presence on Instagram, then you’re missing a lot, especially if your target audience is young adults.

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