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Top 10 Tools For Getting More Instagram Followers

One thing top brands and influencers have in common is Instagram tools. These tools help them understand what’s happening on the platform so that they can adjust their social media strategy accordingly.

Top 10 Tools For Getting More Instagram Followers in 2020

Want More Instagram Followers? These Top 10 Tools Will Get You There!

If you want to be influential on Instagram, then you must have engaging Instagram followers. Think of those top influencers and businesses who built their brands from Instagram. They engaged their followers by using the right Instagram tools to study their audience pattern of behavior.
Here are some Instagram tools that will help you to increase your number of followers on Instagram, and help you achieve your aim on social media.


Grum allows you to schedule an Instagram post from a device that has access to the internet. Another thing that you can do with Grum is to schedule captions and comments. The tool is ideal for those who are too busy to post images or videos regularly. If you want to send out posts at a time when your audience is mostly online, this tool can help you to do that; thus relieving the headache of meeting up with time.


If you’re a marketer, you will make use of a lot of data to predict your target audience, and the perfect time to engage them. You will need a lot of data to make some educated guesses.
To have a high ROI on your marketing campaign, you need to know which direction and when you should make a move. Marketing without a strategy has no guarantee for any meaningful result. You should use a marketing tool such as Owlmetrics. This tool helps you to analyze and collect data so that you can have an adequate reaction to every situation.
If you use Owlmetrics, it will analyze the performance of your Instagram account with regards to follower growth. You will also get a heat map that shows when your followers are most active on the internet.


Tailwind is a highly useful social media tool that works for all visual-based social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.
Tailwind can help you grow your Instagram account in a lot of ways! One of such techniques is by helping you to analyze your trend report, virality, and engagement benchmarks as well as profile metrics.
Tailwind is recognized and allowed by Instagram to post directly to your Instagram account if you have a business profile.
There are some unique added features you’ll get that will add to your customer experience on this platform. Examples of those features are hashtag lists, hashtag recommendations, and a browser extension.

Buffer Publish

Buffer Publish makes it easy for you to schedule articles. It is one of the easiest to use and useful scheduling tool that you can find.
To use this tool, all it requires is that you connect your Instagram account and decide how often you want to post pictures/videos. You can start putting your images on the tool.
You can also shorten a link to your website on the tool if you want to redirect your Instagram audience to your site. You can’t upload in bulk on this feature. Instead, you have to use a third-party app.


Hootsuite is another Instagram tool that has Instagram post scheduling as its central focus.
To use this tool, you have to first create an account on the service. Then, you should connect Hootsuite to your Instagram account.
If you want to schedule a post, tap on “New post,” you will see this feature at the top of your screen. You can check the right side of your screen to see a preview of your posts. If you have a business account on other social media platforms, you can also publish it there. Hootsuite allows you to duplicate your post on other social media sites simultaneously.


When Later started, it was primarily an Instagram scheduling app. Over time it began to support other social media sites.
Later as a calendar on its platform, this calendar allows you to pick a wide range of dates to send out your post.
Later allows you to schedule a carousel, Instagram stories, Instagram video, and Instagram photograph posts. However, if you want to post a Story or video at a later date, then you must upgrade to a paid plan. It offers you the opportunity to use Instagram analytics.

Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag App

With this feature, you’ll have access to using artificial intelligence to finding hashtags that are suitable for your post on Instagram.
To use this tool, upload the picture that you’ll love to put on Instagram into Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag app. It will scan the photographs and generate suitable suggestions for your images.
If you get multiple hashtags, you can copy all of them and use them for your Instagram photograph.
Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag app is free to use.


Sendible is useful for scheduling images and videos for your Instagram. Sendible can send posts directly to your Instagram account if you permit it.
You can ask Sendible to post an Instagram picture at a specific time or post a set of images at a chosen time interval. If you have a content had a high engagement on Instagram, you can ask Sendible to post it again at a later date.


Shortstack is an efficient tool that allows you to run through comments and hashtags tag you perceive will be appropriate for entering a contest on Instagram.
If you plan to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram, then you need to come up with contests regularly.
If you’re running a contest on Instagram, you may get an overwhelming amount of responses. If you want to sort out the result you get, Shortstack will help. Shortstack gathers all videos, images, usernames, and texts that use the contest hashtag during the period permitted.


Awario is a social media tool that any big brand should have! It helps you to track your competitors on Instagram and other social media sites. If you use it adequately, it might give you insight on how to attract the right customers for your business.

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