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Top 10 Instagram Tech Influencers to Follow in 2020

A hundred years ago, no one could have predicted that you can post a picture here in the United States, and someone in the remote areas of Bangladesh would see your video. These possibilities that now occur give credence to what we can achieve with technology.
If you're a tech enthusiast, you should keep tabs on people who are at the forefront of technology, Here are some Instagram accounts that you should follow if you want to have a first-hand update on what goes on in the tech world. There are lots of things to do after you buy Instagram followers, and these guys are doing them all correctly!

Top 10 Instagram Tech Influencers to Follow

The Top 10 Instagram Tech Influencers You Should Follow Now!


Artificial intelligence has come to stay as a part of our daily lives. Why won't it? It is increasing productivity in the workplace and making our jobs easier, solving problems at a faster rate than human speed, and introducing fun to technology. If you want to understand and further appreciate the involvement of artificial intelligence in our lives, then you should follow Nvidia AI (@nvidiaai).
On the accounts are stories and quotes about AI from scientists across the globe. If you aspire to be an artificial intelligence scientist, you should follow this account as it will inspire you on your path to fulfillment.
Some other information that you will get if you follow this account includes News on AI, devices that support AI, AI software, etc.


Men control the tech industry, although more women are coming into the industry, tech inclusion rate for women is still not impressive. Although some of the largest tech industries in the world have a female Ceo, the fact remains that women only occupy 20% of those who work in tech industries.
Made With Code is the perfect account to follow if you're a woman in a technological field, or you're passionate about women's inclusion in the tech industry. @madewithcode encourages women to get involved in technology and to create awareness on the importance of inclusion of women in the tech.
Made With Code is well-tailored for young women. It recently partnered with teen vogue to enlighten teenagers and young women on why they should get involved in tech.


Talk Wid Tech is an account whose primary goal is to make it easy for the public to understand tech. Their publication website has topics that will help you to understand what goes on in your tech devices; you will also learn how to do some tips and tricks on your gadgets.
Their Instagram account is fascinating to follow as they feature scientific discoveries, successful and failed experiments, advancement in technology, etc. Talk Wid Tech ensures that they break down their tech topics in a way that an average English reader can understand the content of their posts.


Guff is one of the most popular tech accounts on Instagram. On their bio, you will see a link to their website. The site has numerous articles that are mostly easy to read and understandable to a non-native English speaker.
If you follow their Instagram account, you will get numerous technology tips and tricks that you can try yourself.
Tech By Guff shares highly captivating pictures with a detailed explanation of what's happening in the image, the Instagram account has quality contents that are exciting to read.


Although this Instagram account has a meager 7000 followers, it is going to be one of the most followed Instagram accounts on tech in few years; this is because of the quality of post emanating from the account.
Ronald Vanoon's primary goal is to help organizations and governments to understand how to use data science, Artificial intelligence, and big data to achieve their goals.
When you go through his Instagram account, you will see a lot of videos on the interviews he had with tech experts and heads of tech organizations. He also hosts Instagram Live videos regularly; this way, you can easily connect with him to ask him questions. He's quite friendly; I'm sure you'll have a fun experience watching his videos.


Sir Raval founded the School of Artificial Intelligence that is in California. The school aims to spread knowledge on the importance and benefit of Artificial Intelligence. The organization has the largest community of Artificial Intelligence advocates in the world, part of which includes over thirteen thousand followers.
You will get quality information on Artificial Intelligence if you follow this Instagram account. He shares content with Instagram image posts, although he sometimes posts videos, stories, and hosts live videos to spice things up for his followers.
You can check the link to his website on his Instagram profile. His website has a lot of articles on practically anything Artificial intelligence.


Gadget flow is an Instagram account that has made a name for itself by posting content on tech. The Instagram handle has over 230,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing this article.
Gadget Flow official website receives over ten million visitors a month, making it one of the most visited tech sites in the world. You should follow this account if you're tech-savvy. Gadget flow searches the internet for anything tech, and write an article on the product.
If you follow their Instagram account, you will get snippets on the content of their articles. You will also know of tech products before its official release.


Futurism has over 1 million Instagram followers, and the majority of those followers are tech-savvy followers who log in daily to check for new posts.
They mostly post on discoveries in science, technology, and computer intelligence. Some of the topics discussed in the past are 3D printed human heart, electromagnetic stimuli for the brain, etc.


He's a known personality when it comes to tech; I will be surprised if you're into anything tech, and you don't know Elon Musk. He is at the forefront of many innovations such as Hyperloop and SpaceX. Elon is a billionaire with a heart for extreme ideas. Some of the ideas he's pioneering are highly evolutionary.


Tech Crunch is a company whose focus is primarily on profiling startups, reviewing new software and devices, gizmos, and making bold predictions on tech.

Date: February 24, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: E O


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