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Top 10 Instagram Notification and Feature Changes in 2020

Instagram never relents as they seek daily to live up to the expectation of its users by releasing constant updates and renewed features to fend off competition from other platforms. This is why it is essential to discuss the best available features your brand can use. However, before that, you need to know what has changed on Instagram for a start.

Top 10 Instagram Notification and Feature Changes

The Biggest Feature Changes so far in 2020

The Attempted Elimination or Hiding of Likes: Instagram has been running a series of tests to remove the often desired high like the counter that is visible on posts. It is pleasing, however, to let you know that as of now, ‘Likes' remains an integral part or metric used to measure marketers on the platform.

The New Stand-alone App: The new stand-alone App is the ‘messaging-expand with threads' that links into your Instagram messages from the ‘Close Friends' list. Although, this may look like a personal-order messaging service, which is acquainted only with a smaller group of friends. The upgrade and advancement of this application will be the game-changer. Instagram shows you when a widely distributed marketing-oriented messaging is released or when the conversation is more private and small-scaled.

Stories and Quiz Stickers: The most recent addition of the quiz sticker, which is a needed tool for highly engaging stories, is an excellent addition to the already growing story stickers. The story stickers that ensure ‘like' polls are even becoming more common among users of Instagram. However, you need to note that its functionality entirely differs from the multiple option poll.

To further compliment your newly acquired knowledge of changes, we will give you some tips. Learn how you can enhance your Instagram profile to improve your brand. Keep reading further to get the answer to the one billion dollar question on ‘what the best features of Instagram are'. We shall provide tips to improve your Instagram profile first.

Tips to Improve Your Instagram Profile for New Notifications

Write a bio that is powerful. “The first impression lasts long,” as it takes just a few seconds for viewers and users to meet you. Based on a quickly gathered opinion about your brand, which means that the content in your bio and profile will sell you or not.

A refined or refrained opinion can be made on your bio, and thus, your bio must be treated with so much pride. Once users land in your profile, it will be the go-to for them, and this may get them scrolling down to check some of your content or even press the link button to your website.

How does an impeccable bio look?
I. It should explain a bit about yourself, your brand, and what you do.
II. It must have a stimulating effect on your prospective audience.

Include a Link In Your Bio For Conversion!

We all know that the only place where we can provide a clickable link in our bio. What have we experienced with the inclusion of links?
Most Instagram accounts drive traffic back to their homepage. This punch effect and we have also seen many brands update their link to drive traffic to their most recent piece of work.

Instagram Business Profile

The announcement of a handful of business tools on Instagram was one of the most appreciated updates as it helps to create an understanding between companies and followers.

Converting to a business profile enables you to add additional information like phone number, email address, and even your business's physical address about your business on your profile.

Best New Features of Instagram

Instagram has expanded their base ever since they launched, and we bring you the most notable and impactful features of Instagram that Brands can use below:

1) Video Features:

Instagram video post is just like the popular picture posts except for the fact that its video. The Instagram video can be 60 seconds longs, and that filter, caption, and even ‘tagged location' can be added before sharing the post.

It has been established that rather than photo posts, video posts provide more user engagement. This is very useful to track the number of people who admire your content and eventually helps you to decide on offering the same content. Video posts consist of the live video and Instagram video:

For the live video, people get a pop up that you will be going live; followers can still post a comment, smash the like button on your live video at that moment. However, the video doesn't save instantly to your account as it deletes as soon as you end your streaming.

2) Social Media Management Software Integrations:

There is the annoying worry of not being able to keep track of all your activities and initiatives, but with Instagram come to a solution. It is an SMM platform for distributing posts at optimal times, establishing a steady workflow, and lots more.

3) IGTV:

There is no need to worry about being unable to share long videos on Instagram anymore. With Instagram TV, you have an answer! This is a piece of huge news for your brand that favors producing videos with substantial content.

4) Stories Features:

Most of us are familiar with the WhatsApp and Facebook stories features. Instagram enables a story feature that allows you to add video clips of live video to a story viewable for exactly 24 hours before it disappears. The stories resemble options at the top as little circles on the top of your follower's feed.

5) Shoppable Tags:

This feature allows businesses to take their goods in their photos; It a way of bringing people straight to your product page.

6) Improvements on Ads:

Gone are the days when you can go through the process of hitting the in-app promote button. Still, now you can turn their posts into advertisements in the Ads Manager.

7) Improvement of Notifications:

As a brand, you may decide not to prioritize the notifications you receive, from the accounts that you follow. This feature may seem hidden, but it's not! Go to the profile you wish to get notifications from; click on the options and select “Turn on Post Notifications.”

Tips: Instagram is a great place to improve your brand, but you must make sure to use all the features to the best of your abilities.

Date: February 20, 2020 / Categories: News, / Author: E O


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