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Top 10 Instagram Accounts Students Can Follow For Instagram Followers

On Instagram(IG), people can always find profiles of different kinds. Business profiles, Influencer profiles, and regular user profiles are mostly what you can find across the platform of IG. Today, profiles are also being created to meet the unique needs of students. This way, students stand a chance to not just use the IG platform for fun and socializing with friends and family, but also to learn new things and new concepts that they might not be taught in school. Students can use our Top 5 Places to Buy Instagram Followers information here.

Students can also use the platform to stay up to date with the latest and trending school news, health tips, and social activities. In case you are wondering how this is possible with the platform, you should know that this is where Instagram accounts created for students to come into the picture.

Top 10 Instagram Accounts Students Can Follow For Instagram Followers

Getting More Instagram Followers As A Student

As a student using IG, it is crucial you know about the many profiles on the social network built to provide you unique insights into certain concepts. These profiles are developed by mostly unique brands that offer amazing ideas on surviving as a student as well as top tips about learning, eating well, and managing one's life as a student. Knowing about these accounts that students can follow can help make your life easier as a student. Luckily in this article, we will be taking a look at 10 of the best Instagram accounts students can follow.

Here's the deal:

1. @Dormify

As a college student, you would likely spend a large portion of your time hanging around in your dorm. @Dormify understood this and was created to help students maintain a healthy and visually appealing environment to live in. The account offers a wide range of unique tips that can help students decorate their dorms to look incredible. While providing decorating tips, @Dormify also offers college students a chance to win gift cards that they can use to purchase items for the tasks.

2. @Babeswhostudy

As a college student, you must understand that keeping things organized can make your life as a student easier. You do not have to go around looking for items when you can quickly look them up for an organized stack and obtain them. This is something @Babeswhostudy created to address. Following the Instagram account leaves you with a significant number of tips on how to deal with organizing school items and materials. This goes a long way in ensuring you keep not just your learning space neat, but also your schoolwork.

3. @Study.for.success

Another account you can follow as a student is the @Study.for.success account on IG. The page provides students with a variety of themes that can help them feel alive and in the mood as they deal with schoolwork. The IG account has lived up to its name for being one of the best profiles that offer students motivational tips to help them study for success. As a student, you should not miss following this account.

4. @Onepoundmeals

Many students are fond of the habit of going for low-budget meals. Sometimes, these meals are not as healthy. @Onepoundmeals seeks to stop this kind of happenings by ensuring it provides students with the best affordable meals that still offer fantastic health benefits. The meals shared by the account are from the award-winning One Pound Meal books by chef Miguel Barclay. The meals come in a variety of types, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes, all suitable to be cooked by students.

Instagram Students Can Follow For Instagram Followers

5. @Studentsproblems

Sometimes as a student, you must take your time to view things that will make you laugh. As you do this, your mood is sure to get elevated, which can, in turn, boost your learning experience in school. @Studentsproblems provides a series of photos to help you smile and laugh. These photos are usually about the everyday problems students face in school and can be hilarious enough to keep your mood in check as a student.

6. @Thegoodquotes

Students tend to go through a lot of pressure as they struggle to keep their grades high and also deal with exams. As one, you should be ready to keep your moods elevated no matter what. Of course, a little bit of fun with online memes can be of great help, but you should also be ready to stay inspired and motivated with the fantastic quotes which @Thegoodquotes delivers to followers. Following this account is an excellent idea for those students who need to deal with whatever pressure they may be going through.

7. @Historyphotographed

There are many things you may not know about history and facts. Luckily, @Historyphotographed is an Instagram account you can follow to help you fix that. The IG profile provides its followers with amazing photos of history as well as unique facts to back them up. Of course, it does not matter if you study history or not; what matters is you get the knowledge of history.

8. @Science.feed

@Science.feed is another account you can follow as a student. The content provided by the account keeps students informed about the latest news relating to science. Students can get acquainted with various scientific discoveries and amazing facts about science to keep them entertained and informed.

9. @Buzzfeed

@Buzzfeed offers amazing memes that hilariously describe the situation you or someone you know may be facing. The fantastic content provided by the account keeps the mood of students elevated as they tend to smile and laugh more often.

10. Your School's SU Account

Your school's Student Union Instagram account should not be left out of the many accounts you choose to follow. This way, you get to stay informed of the several happenings in and around campus.

Apart from that, announcements are also made on the account's feed. You will not have to go around asking for information about special events as the profile keeps you updated with everything about the school you are in.


Instagram is a fantastic platform built not just to socialize and meet new people. Today, students can gain a load of benefits by following special accounts that keep them informed and entertained. The above are some of the best accounts they can follow to make this a reality.

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