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A Guide to Selling Instagram Followers For Your Business

Almost 700 million users visit Instagram daily; this figure is equal to twice the population of the united states. About 30 million companies are also members of the business community on Instagram. These figures represent a rather obvious reality: Instagram is one of the largest business communities in the world.

Recent surveys have also buttressed this fact above by stating that Instagram is not only a business community; it is also a very engaging one. Much more appealing than social media behemoths like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses on Instagram are building communities, harnessing customers, and raking in profits every second. If you want your business to be one of the 25 million that are making a profit on Instagram, follow this guide. You will be glad that you did.

A Guide to Selling Instagram Followers For Your Business in 2020

Create an Instagram account

The first and the most critical step to take as a business is to set up an Instagram account (except you already have one). Starting your account with Instagram Followers is highly recommended. Don't miss the Top 10 best sites to buy Instagram Followers from here! Without an Instagram account, your business will best be a bystander and not a participant. It is easy to set up an Instagram account. As with all applications, to access Instagram on your device, you must download the application on your device (windows, android, and iOS). The next step to follow is to sign in with a valid email or a registered Facebook account. After this step, ensure that you create a username, fill in the necessary information, and you are fully set. However, these steps just resulted in a personal Instagram account. To have a business account, you have to switch your personal account to a business account on the downloaded app. With this step concluded, you must have successfully created a business account, and you are certified ready for business.

Craft a bio, complete profile and link website

If you plan to have a personal Instagram account, then this step is unimportant, but if you want much more, you have to do much more. After setting up your business account, you need to craft your bio. A bio is a 150-character long word that adequately captures what your business is about. Your bio is the first advertisement opportunity that you have, so make it short, precise, and factual. After updating the bio, the next thing to do is to complete your profile. Fill all the necessary information and update your profile picture. As a business, your profile picture should be a logo of your company (it is usually 110×110 pixels). To complete this step, ensure that you link your website and any other social media application that you have to your Instagram account. Your business page needs an email address, phone number, business address, some of which can be contained in the linked website. 

Set a strategy and create captivating content

You might feel confident at this point about launching into the deep and hitting the ground running. Hold on a little bit and plan a strategy to ensure that all the I's are dotted and all the t's crossed. Create an effective strategy that includes identifying your business niche, target audience, and posting schedule. After setting up a strategy, the next thing to do as a business is to create captivating content. Prepare your content so much so that it will look vibrant, vivid, and captivating. With the deluge of visually appealing content available on Instagram, the more engaging your content is, the better for you. On Instagram, your content is your identity. If you are in the coiffure industry, ensure that you post images of coiffures, if you are in the cuisine industry, post only cuisine related content. These contents are what your customers will look forward to and interact with you for.  

Understand the different Instagram features

Filters, emojis, and hashtags are Instagram features that every business must learn to use and master. Hashtags were first used on twitter, but they eventually found their way to Instagram. As a business, you must learn to use Instagram because of its powerful effect. With hashtags, your business can join conversations; your business can start viral challenges or join an ongoing viral challenge and, most importantly, ensure that new or old customers easily locate you. Emoji and filters can be used by businesses to introduce fun and flair when interacting with their customers or when adding an effect to their pictures. On Instagram, you will find effects like Clarendon, Juno, Lark, Valencia, Walden, and Mayfair, and you can create new ones. The more you understand these features, the better you can use them.

Use the caption to your advantage

Instagram might be a photo app, but pictures and videos cannot tell all the stories you need to discuss. This is why captions are necessary. Captions are descriptions/explanations written to introduce more context to the viewer. You can add captions to your post to tell your customers/followers /fans about new products, pricing, new policies, and any other information you intend to pass across. You can combine tags, emojis, and hashtags to your captions (when appropriate) 

Use Instagram stories 

Instagram stories are not for fun, top shot businesses know this, and you should know this too. In 2020, Instagram introduced the Instagram stories feature recently, and four in ten people have mentioned how it has influenced them to buy a product or request a service. Going forward, Instagram stories are designed to last for only 24hours, and you can post short videos or pictures for your teeming customers and clients. Do you want to release a teaser about a new product, collaboration or a change of address- use Instagram stories

Engage, engage, engage Those Instagram Followers

The best way to convert strangers to customers and customers to avid believers is through engagement.

The best way to grow your Instagram followers and increase your influence as a brand is through engagement. Engagement involves continuous interaction with your fans. Reply to personal messages, respond to questions and queries, organize giveaways, follow back whenever. If you are known for answering your customers' prompts, complaints, and issues, you will win their hearts, and you will succeed in business. 

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