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How to Sell Drop-Shipping Products on Instagram in 2020

There are lots of opportunities that await you if you know how to sell on Instagram; some of these opportunities are unique to only social media sites such as Instagram. One of them is that you’re able to place ads to a highly targeted audience, thus yielding a higher return on investment than is obtainable when you’re advertising on mainstream media.

 Instagram had 2 million users as at September 2017, which was just six months after the launch of the company, right now the platform has over a billion users, making it the fastest growing social media site.

Every kind of business is making a wave on the platform, from global brands to national brands, and even community businesses. Everyone’s got a piece of the pie.

Obviously you will need lots of Instagram Followers to even consider making a Drop-Shipping business. If you don't already have them, you can buy Instagram Followers online! What to know more about the platform, here are some tips that can help you sell on the platform.

How to Sell Drop-Shipping Products on Instagram

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile for the Drop-Shipping Product

Instagram is the new search engine where people turn to search for products to buy. The reason why this is so is that Instagram lets you visualize the product you want to buy; thus, you’ll have an idea of how it looks like and what people are saying about the product.

As such, you need to put more effort into designing your Instagram feed to be search engine friendly as you would on your website.

Here are some things that you should have on your business profile:

A. Profile photo: If you don’t want your account to look like spam, then you have to choose a suitable profile photo, e.g., Company logo: this makes it easy for people to identify your brand.

B. A well-crafted bio: Your bio must stand out. Your bio should adequately describe your business and convince your audience to buy from you. It should tell your audience what exactly you have to offer.

C. Link to your shop: The only space on your Instagram account where you’re permitted to have a URL is in your bio; as such, ensure that you’re making use of this feature.

If you have a URL link here, it is easier to track those that are visiting your website, thus making it easy to know if your marketing campaign is successful or not.

The very first thing that your customer from YouTube will know about you is the details on your Instagram bio, and as such, you should pay attention to what you include.

How to Do Drop-Shipping Products on Instagram in 2020

2. Use Instagram Ads to get to Your Target Audience

As Instagram regularly changes its algorithm, it means that the strategy you used to rank well on Instagram in the past won’t guarantee you of the same result in the future. And as such, you need to include what works in your Instagram strategy, one of such is the use of Instagram ads.

Instagram ads allow you to determine how much you spend, who sees your ad, where you want your ad to be seen, and other targeting options.

To run an ad campaign on Instagram is not a complicated process; however, it may be a bit intimidating if you’re a small business owner or an influencer who hasn’t done anything of such before.

The easiest way to have an ad campaign on Instagram is by advertising a post of yours. You have to select the Post that you’d love to boost, then tap “Promote.”

Instagram will suggest a suitable audience for you. However, you’re at liberty to set your target audience. You can choose your demographic, interest, gender, etc.

After setting up your preferred target audience and your gender, the next thing to do is to ensure that the ad is perfect before hitting the sponsor button.

If you’re not sure if your strategy will work, you can start by sponsoring your ad with a small budget, then check if the ad is producing your desired result. If you want to track the success of your ad, tap on “View Results” at the left corner of your ad page.

It can take some time before you understand the right result that will work for your Post; as such, you may need to tweak your strategy often till you get the most productive one.

3. Create Instagram Stories with Product link.

Instagram Stories are getting more popular with time. The feature started just a little while ago, and it now has 500million daily active users. Businesses are regularly strategizing on how to be more creative with their Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories help businesses to form a cordial relationship with their customers. It is an efficient tool for gathering customer feedback on a product and for product testing.

If you have followers that are more than ten thousand on the platform, you have the opportunity to add links to your Instagram account; this can help you drive immense traffic to your website, thus helping you get more sales.

4. Offer Instagram only promotions

Everyone loves promotion or a good sale, as it helps us to purchase products at a price which we won’t usually get in the open market.

Instagram is probably the best place to launch a promotion as it helps us to key into the massive population of Instagram’s daily active users. On Instagram, you can advertise your new product, do bonanzas’, give out discount codes, etc.

You can put details of your promo on your Instastories, then ask your audience to click on the link in your bio if they want to take advantage of the offer.

5. Partner with Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are those who have a bit of control over their followers on Instagram; they tend to command the attention of their audience; as such, if they post about your product, their audience will consider purchasing the product.

Why not advertise? Well, this method works better than promoting a product because consumers no longer trust adverts, but they trust Instagram influencers.

Date: February 12, 2020 / Categories: Guide, / Author: E O


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