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Eight ways to keep your followers engaged on Instagram

Since the creation of Instagram, it has evolved from a site to post photos of your vacation to a handy marketing tool for businesses. The cardinal rule for being influential as a brand and individual is to have followers that engage with you. It is when you have this kind of followers that you will achieve your marketing goals on Instagram.

1. Make your followers a part of your conversation

You should create content that makes it easy for your followers to make contributions; this is the easiest way to improve your engagement rate.

Don't just see Instagram as a platform for showcasing your product and services; see it as a community where every user interacts with each other. You will be surprised to know that people want to interact with your brand; they need the right push. As a bonus, you won't have to go back and buy more Instagram followers anymore! One way to make your followers contribute is by asking questions at the end of each post, you can also encourage them to share their experiences, you can even conduct polls on your Instagram story, or you can do giveaways.

keep your followers engaged on Instagram

2. Host Instagram live videos

Top performing businesses on Instagram regularly host Instagram live videos; you should also consider hosting yours. In doing so, you will authentically connect with your audience.

When you're hosting a live video, ensure that it's a two-way thing. Allow your audience to ask questions, and you also should ask them questions. Create a feeling like you are sitting down and having a chat with your audience.

After hosting a live chat with your audience, you will notice that your followers who took part in the live chat will engage with your posts better than before.

If you don't know how to start a live video on Instagram, here's how to go about it;

  • Go to the top left of your Instagram app and tap on the camera icon. Another alternative is to swipe right from anywhere on your feed.
  • You will see “live” at the bottom of the app, tap on that button
  • You will see the number of people that viewed your video at the top of your screen.

To check your comments, check below the screen. You also can comment on your live video by tapping “comment,” and if you have a particular comment that you want your viewers to see, then tap “pin comments” so they can see it easily.

3. Reply to DM's with video

If you find yourself falling behind on direct messages, you may choose to reply to their DM's with a video. Replying DM's with a video is quicker and more comfortable than picking up your phone and typing your response. Apart from the ease, it will stick to the memory of the recipient better than typing the message; this is so because of the feeling they get from experiencing something unique. The relationship they have with you will feel personal, thus improving their loyalty to your brand.

4. Create contents that are service-oriented

For your Instagram followers to engage with you, your content should always offer them something like suggestion on how to execute a new idea you just had, or quote from a famous individual; don't just post information about your brand, most time your audience is not interested in that information. 

A picture of what goes on in your office is okay, but you should add a new caption rather than lovely-Friday. That won't get you any meaningful engagement.

Don't post a picture without a goal in mind. Ensure that every image you post is backed up by a story, and always embed your Story in your caption. Think of how your post will benefit your audience; this way, they can react genuinely to your picture.

You can post a picture of the points you made during your Instagram story; when you do this, anyone who didn't watch your live video will have an idea of what you said. Also, individuals who missed your video will be eager to watch next time.

For example, if you made a video on how to make chicken pizza, you can make a post on chicken pizza recipes.

8 followers engaged on Instagram

5. Be Relatable

If your target market on Instagram is the general public and not a cliché of highly enlightened people, then you should try to be more relatable than aspirational.

It doesn't mean that you shouldn't post inspirational pictures, you should do that sometimes but avoid too much of it as it can paint a picture of perfection to your audience which can create a feeling of disconnect between your followers and yourself. When your audience can relate to your experiences, mistakes, and victories, they can trust whatever you say.

6. Reply to comments on posts

Replying comments may seem like the obvious thing to do, but irrespective of the evidential truth in this, so many content creators lack in this area. Even if you can't reply to everyone who comments on your picture, dedicating some time from your busy schedule to respond to some comments will make your audience feel important.

7. Post Content Generated from users

One sure way to get lots of engagement from your community is to get them to generate content for your brand; this way, you are sure that it is what matters to them that they will post. Also, because they're aware that they are the source of your content, they will be loyal to your brand like it's theirs.

8. Engage on your follower's channels

Engaging with your audience on your Instagram post is one thing, but engaging with them on their channel brings even greater joy to your audience; this is a great way to keep your community loyal to you.

To do this, you don't have to follow everyone. I firmly believe that you should follow accounts that inspire you and those you find interesting. But if a follower sends you a direct message, you can go to their account and write an interesting comment on their latest post; this will make the relationship between the two of you a two-way thing. 

Date: February 8, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: E O


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