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Upcoming 2020 Features of Instagram (Predicted & Confirmed)

The features of an app are what matters the most when gaining the interest of users. Instagram(IG) is a platform that has looked into this, hence ensuring it provides a series of features to people across the globe. The Instagram social network is well-equipped with a significant number of features that make its platform different from the platform of other social networks. Luckily, it still has not given up on releasing new features.

IG is known for releasing new features as each year passes. In this year of 2020, knowing what to expect from the developers of the app will help you prepare amazing strategies that you can implement with the new features.

Upcoming 2020 Features of Instagram

The features of an app are what give it its functionality. Instagram has got a significant number of features coming to its platform. If you are not aware of these features, then this article should efficiently guide you through the top upcoming features of IG for 2020. Even though not everyone can buy automatic Instagram Likes, some people earn them! Asides working their way towards helping users get a fantastic experience on the app, these features are ideal choices for brand owners who need to promote their services and boost sales.

● Better Analytic Tools

One of the extraordinary things about keeping an analysis of your content on social media is it provides you unique insights on how they perform. Although IG already supports this, it still does not deliver enough information on a user's content to help them make the right decisions. Luckily, better analytic tools are some of the many features Instagram is planning to bring to its users this 2020.

Today, insights on the performance of a user's post provide details retrieved from the last seven days. With the improved tools that will be introduced this 2020, users will get insights that deliver metrics recorded over a more extended period.

For regular users, this will surely offer significant benefits. However, business owners with business profiles are sure to receive a lot more benefits to help them grow their business. If you are one of the many brand owners using IG to promote your brand, then you should buckle up for an improved set of analytic tools to help you keep a more accurate record of the performance of your content. Also, users should expect a better kind of interface in that area.

● Custom AR Filters

In case you are not used to the term AR filters, you should know that these are computer-generated effects that are layered over an image displayed by a camera. For most people who use AR filters, getting to change their looks and add funny effects can easily be done. Instagram supports this, and users mostly refer to the effects as face filters.

Also known as Augmented Reality filters, AR filters will be able to be used freely by Instagram users very soon. Facebook had announced it would open its Spark AR Studio to Instagram users. This will allow them to use different kinds of costumes in their photos better. Users will be able to wear masks, change eye colors, change hairstyles, and even perform a makeover on their faces or the faces of others.

● Improved Shopping

Shopping online is a great way to reduce stress, improve efficiency, and equally complete orders in a short time. With the new Instagram feature known as Instagram Checkout, people can experience a greater level of shopping experience through the Instagram platform.

Unlike many other platforms, Instagram allows users to shop through the app itself easily. This saves data and space while still delivering the unique needs of users who want to shop. With the Checkout feature, users will be able to view product descriptions, images, and prices by just clicking on a post. From there, they can add to the cart and then proceed to checkout.

With the new shopping feature, many business owners have experienced an improvement in their rate of sales to their audience. And for other users of the IG platform, their shopping experience has never been better.

● Improved IGTV Searching

Since the introduction of the IGTV feature, videos have become a big hit on the platform. People can now view videos for longer periods and get enough information seamlessly. Although the IGTV feature of Instagram has its stand-alone app, users can still access tons of video content and consume as much information as possible.

However, since the conception of IGTV, IG has provided new features for it slowly. This year, users should be expecting a new feature. This feature allows them to do searches with keywords just like a search engine on the internet. Presently, users of the IG social network can access videos on the explore tab or visit IGTV channels through user profiles. Soon, all that will be improved.

Upcoming 2020 Features of Instagram Predictions

● New Profile Type

The main profile types of IG are personal and business profiles. These profiles provide different features that help both regular users and business owners get the best out of the social network. This year, people should be ready to receive a new profile type known as Creator profiles.

Creator profile type is designed to meet the needs of bloggers, writers, influencers, and other content creators. The profile grants this kind of user access to follow/unfollow data and many unique tools. Luckily, this is not designed to be used by new users as existing Instagram users can decide to switch their profile to a Creator profile.

● New Instagram Scheduler

For those who schedule their posts, they always have to use external software that connects to their IG account to do this. In 2020, Instagram is set to bring in a new feature that allows people to schedule posts without having to use third-party software to do this.


Instagram is a great platform that has helped people across the globe obtain the best kind of social experience. With every year that passes, new features are unfolded to the world by the platform. In case you didn't know what features to expect this 2020, then the above are some of the upcoming 2020 features of Instagram you should look out for. 

Date: February 7, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: E O


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