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How to Write Interesting Instagram Captions

Captions are unique ways to describe your photo or video on the Instagram(IG) platform. If you are not used to working with or using captions, you must start doing that due to some reason. Get an increased form of engagement between your content and the followers of your profile. Don't miss our list of the best sites to buy Instagram Likes for another way to get more Instagram likes!

In other words, captions are one of the most critical factors that affect the number of interactions your photo or video might get from IG users. Today, millions of users on the platform use captions on their content but have no idea on how to optimize this for their profile.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best ways to write a fantastic caption. These ways come as unique techniques that can help just about any Instagram user optimize the use of captions on their Instagram feed.

How to Write Interesting Instagram Captions in 2020

Tips for Writing Interesting Instagram Captions

There are several available techniques one can put in to come up with a caption that interests their followers. Luckily, such methods do not need a fantastic set of skills or specialization, so, can be performed by just about anyone.

Below are the unique guides to help you create captions that interest users.

Keep Instagram Captions Brief for 2020’s Attention Span

Of course, your caption should be able to efficiently describe your uploaded video or photo on the Instagram platform. However, keeping it short to avoid boring your audience should be one of your many priorities. If you want to keep your followers interested in checking out your content, you have to be ready to provide them with a brief caption.

While keeping it brief, ensure you provided valuable content within your caption to make it enjoyable. As an IG user, this is a step towards maintaining the engagement rate of your followers.

Add Line Breaks Where You Can

Line breaks are a necessity when creating a caption that spans multiple lines. Line breaks are a significant step for improving the readability of your caption. Only a few followers might show interest in a caption that spans multiple lines and lacks linebreaks.

Although you should keep captions brief, if you happen to adopt the usage of a multi-lined type of caption, line breaks should come in handy. From top studies, Instagram users are going to show more interest in a caption that has a proper style of the lining.

Add Emojis Tastefully in IG Captions

Emojis are unique tools for explaining the most profound expression in the mind of anyone. If you can show unique emotions in your captions, users are sure to get a grasp of what your content could be.

Adding emojis to a post defines what it could be an emotional summary of the post. Emojiscomes in handy if you are trying to interest a user. With users seeing what kind of expressions may be involved in your content, the engagement rate is sure to escalate. Luckily, you can do this with just a few clicks.

Ask Interesting Questions For Great Engagement

Questions are one of the best ways to interact and engage a user over the IG platform. If you are not used to doing this, starting by asking questions in your captions should help you get the hang of it. With a problem in your caption, such a caption should, no doubt, interest your followers.

When using questions in a caption, ensure you keep it in the interest of the user. Ask questions that will surely spark a conversion within the comments box or an issue that will make the user curious. These are some of the best measures for using a question within a caption.

Add a Call-to-Action Captions For Monetization

A call-to-action is one of the great ways to let your followers know what to do while or after viewing your content. Apart from this, call-to-actions help you inspire and motivate your readers to comment on your post. Calls to action would lead to more engagement between your post and your followers.

Captions are extremely useful for boosting interactions on any content. If you can add a call-to-action, you might start to see this usefulness working its magic on your posts.

Writing Interesting Instagram Captions

Hashtags on IG Captions For New Targeted Traffic

Hashtags are amazing tools for boosting the reach of posts on IG. If you are trying to optimize your captions for better engagement rates, using a hashtag to do this is a great idea.

Asides efficiently boosting the reach of your content, hashtags are great for making your content stand out from others. Using one within your caption will do the same thing, as your caption can always be different from the caption of others.

Using branded hashtags should also come in handy. If you run a brand on Instagram, making use of branded hashtags can show uniqueness and help people to recognize your brand better. Luckily, this process requires no technical skills and can quickly be executed.

Use Captions on Your IGTV and Story

Since the conception of the IGTV and Story features, people have found surprising ways to better broadcast videos and photos that promote their lifestyle to their audience. Today, business owners use the two functions to improve products and services. If you are someone who does this, you can boost the engagement involved by adopting the use of captions.

One of the best ways of optimizing captions is to use them on stories or videos on IGTV. Optimizing would always involve a significant level of engagement due to the broad audience who use the features.


Learning to write an amusing caption for your posts on Instagram usually takes a while. But with the above techniques, doing this should not be a problem and will take a shorter time to be mastered. This way, you stand a chance to boost the engagement rate between your posts and your followers by merely interesting them.

By considering the above tips, your content on the Instagram platform will improve! You will be on your way toward the experience of better interactivity with your followers. Good luck!

Date: January 15, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, Guide, Hashtags, / Author: E O


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