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How to Plan Your Instagram Content Strategy

Are you struggling with getting your message across to your ideal audience? Knowing how to plan your Instagram content strategy is a difficult task for any marketer. There are chances that you've taken a lot of time to prepare your post only to get zero engagement. As a marketer, getting more likes, comments, and shares in your post boost your morale, making you feel like you're on the right track.

However, there are times where you've done everything in the books, followed the so-called pro tips when posting with no visible changes. One thing we've learned to do whenever things go wrong is to take a look at our content. For instance, when do you post? How frequently do you post? And are you posting when your ideal audience is online?

These guides take a look at the best ways to strategize your post for maximum engagement. Don't spend money frivolously! You can see our reviews of the safest sites to buy Instagram followers from here to jumpstart your marketing efforts on Instagram!

How to Plan Your Instagram Content Strategy 2020

Planning Your Marketing Content

Once you know the idea you want to express, you will want to start by creating a visual appeal for your post before creating a content theme. Before creating different types of content, you will have to define your goals, objectives, and what you want to achieve. Is it to make sales, drive traffic, more engagement, or followers?

Defining your goal before starting is essential for those who want to make something meaningful from the platform. Also, analyze the amount of time you want to spend creating posts on the page daily.

If you're just a small business, it isn't necessary to get someone to manage your profile. At this stage, your audience size is likely to be minimal. You probably won't have a lot of things to do, and if you're transparent enough, it's possible to reply to all your comments.

Proper time management helps you decide the amount of time you can spend on Instagram daily. As well as the number of articles you will be able to publish. Also, consider what tools you will want to invest in to increase your chances of executing your goal. For small businesses, it's unlikely you will spend a hefty amount on ads. However, as your audience size increases, so do your responsibility.

Create a Publishing Calendar

Now is the time to give some thoughts to the number of contents to post daily. The amount includes stories, images, videos, and the rest. The first rule of getting it right on Instagram is to work on the visual aspect of your post. You ought to invest in filters as well as image software to enhance its quality.

Second, keep things interesting by posting a variety of contents. Don't stick to one type of post. For instance, if you like to post just images, try to post some videos a few times.

Whether you're a brand or small start-up, a publishing calendar should help you meet your objectives. Planning will save you the stress of publishing as you write. Here, you will be able to create high-quality content and, at the same time, draft out materials that appeal to your audience.

Choose From The Available Post Types

 There are several types of posts to choose from on Instagram. Now, you will have to give enough thought into the mix of content. This allows you to post a variety of materials rather than sticking to just one method.

According to HubSpot, sharing thoughts, facts, and quotes on your post increases the level of engagement in your post. Posts with pets and animals are high on the list of users, while those with funny images attract more reactions.

Different posts on social events as well as memorable dates such as children day, Aids day, and valentine attracts seasonal reaction. Hence, it's crucial to take advantage of these events to boost your engagement rate during such days.

Motivational quotes from social media influencers also generate a certain level of engagement from their network. You can extend your choice to advertising your product and creating awareness around your brand.

Plan Your Instagram Content Strategy

Get Yourself a Planning Tool

If you want to organize your activities on this platform, you will want to invest in planning tools. Save yourself the stress of bombarding your head with your schedule. Instead, put them down by getting then the app, which will be your most prominent assistant in planning your content.

In this app, you will be able to schedule your post. Plan when to upload videos, images, and how to edit your pictures to the community standard. You will be able to draft captions, schedule stories, and research on the best hashtag for your post.

There's also a builtin content strategist that allows you to strategize your content to the desired result you want to achieve.

Creating a Content Theme

Creating a content theme is the first thing to consider before publishing a single content. There are preloaded themes to choose from here. You can choose from the following ideas: behind the scene, education, product, community, or inspiration. If you've decided on the lifestyle you want to promote, look up at the theme session to choose the appropriate one for your profile.


When planning your content, you will like to have an insight into your audience's behavior. The insight tool will allow you to study your audience and guide you on when to publish. For instance, if you're into digital marketing, you will want to know who your ideal audience is. You must optimize your content to their occupation and when they are likely to be online.

Posting your content when your audience is inactive will result in low engagement. Some users like posting in the middle of the night, so their audience take up to their post. However, this is risky, given the way the Instagram algorithm works when shuffling posts.

Date: January 27, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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