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Instagram’s Biggest Update For New Users in 2020

Once in a while, you find yourself in the dark concerning how things work on Instagram. You think you've mastered all the platforms operation that you're confident of calling yourself a pro. However, midway you're taken aback by how some accounts go about their activities. Discovering a whole lot of tricks you were never taught or come across in any article.

Even though Instagram is easy to use, you have to dig deep to discover a lot of tools and features the platform has to offer. Most times, you will have to explore on your own, but there's no guarantee you will ever land on the goldmines without a bit of help from the experienced ones. Don't forget we've made a list of the safest websites to buy Instagram followers from.

In this guide, you will discover a whole lot of things you never taught you could do on Instagram. This goes beyond the normal scope of posting, commenting, or sharing posts. Neither is we going to waste your time telling you things you already know about features like stories, insights, or marketing tools?

Instagram's Biggest Update For New Users

Getting Notified Of Post from Accounts, You Follow

This is not the unique thing you can do with the platform, but this helps you keep track of outstanding accounts. For instance, if you're an account in your niche, you will like to get notified when a new post drops rather than doing so whenever you log into your account.

Doing this, you never miss a single post from this account. There are two ways to go about this notification type. The easiest one is to head over to the account of the profile you're following. Next, click the dropdown menu under the profile description and select notification. From this menu, you can customize your notification options.

You have the option of enabling notification on posts, stories, live videos, and other activities. If you don't want to go through this long process, you can turn on notification by clicking on one of the person's recent posts.

Please start by selecting his post, then press the three dots on the right-hand corner of your screen, then select turn ON post notification. The only limitation to this is that you will only get notifications on posts and not on stories or live videos.

If at some point you feel it's becoming stressful managing all the notifications, you can always turn them off from either their profile or their posts.

Remove Tags about You from Photos

Most times, we get to bear the annoying possibility of getting tagged on unreasonable photos or uninspiring memes. Thankfully, you can disassociate yourself from such posts if it's becoming too hard to bear. The way to do this is to navigate to the photo and select your username or that of your brand.

Once your username is clicked, you will see two options. The first is Remove my post, while the second will allow you to hide the post from your profile. Remember that these two options work differently.

Removing from your profile doesn't mean other users won't see it. Hence, clicking from the profile will automatically erase it from the tagged portion of your post.

Delete Search History

For some reason, most users will like to keep all their search history private. For instance, you might not want your friend to know that you search for animation series like “sponge bob square pants” or “Tom and Jerry.” Getting rid of your search history will come handy.

Most times, users will want to delete all their search histories for illicit content or one that can put them in a bad light among their friends. Whatever your reason is, you can still remove your history in just a few seconds.

You have to navigate to your profile session to do this and then hit the three bars at the top of your screen to access the hidden menu. Select settings from the menu and navigate to security, which will automatically take you to the options that will permit you to clear your search history. Selecting this option removes all your search history as you do not have the mandate of choosing the one to remove.

Before doing this, you should know that this option prevents Instagram from auto-loading your search. You might want to have a change of mind before going on with this.

Post From Several Instagram Accounts

Having multiple Instagram accounts in one device could be hard to manage. You have to sign up individually and find yourself flipping through tabs to go from one menu to another. Just like on Twitter, where it's possible to pin-up several Instagram account no-one devices, you can also achieve the same on Instagram.

To link your Instagram account to the app, go to your profile session and select the three bars menu just as you did when deleting search history. From here, select Add account, and you will go to a page where you can either add your existing account or quickly create a new one.

IGs Biggest Update For New Users

Edit Comments

If you're a marketer on this platform, you have the possibility of meeting customers who have only negative thoughts about your products. There are.customers whose uncertainty is preventing them from trying your product due to experience but are hell-bent on influencing others with such ideas.

To get rid of inaccurate comments that can ruin your marketing goals, here are things to do. Go to your profile and hit the three bars in the right corner of the screen. Follow the following sequence: Settings > Privacy > Comments and hover to hide offensive comments option to turn on. You can filter out the comment one after the other or allow Instagram to automatically fish them out if you have multiple comments on your post.


Mastering all the tricks and tips of this platform takes some level of self-awareness. There are.several tasks you can execute that are not listed here. Hence, essential to follow influencers' profiles on your niche if you want to organize your social media profile.

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