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How to Use Instagram Insights for Measuring Analytics

It's no secret that we love to keep data, using them to run several analyses to achieve a marketing purpose. Though most users prefer to ditch the insight tools, it had paved the way for a lot of marketers on this platform. True! Using insight takes you closer to your marketing goal. This way, you're able to know those likely to make purchases as well as those prone to scroll.

In the present era, where our social media space has lots of ads, it's essential to think outside the box to reach your ideal audience. You aim to get people to click the call to action button and make payment for whatever product or service you want to offer.

For several reasons, you don't want to play the waiting game. Hence, it's better to have a friendly tool such as Instagram insight at your disposal. As much as we encourage all marketers to use this tool, we're aware that the majority of users don't know how to use it to achieve the desired result.

Hence, you will find the piece of information contained here helpful. This guide explores the importance of Instagram insights, how to use as well as methods of data retrieval.

Followers Use Instagram Insights for Measuring Analytics

Requirements to Use Instagram Insight

Before you can use the Instagram insight, you must have a business account on Instagram. If you like to use your existing personal account, converting to a business profile will be the only way out.
To switch to a business account, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Ensure your Instagram profile is set to public as private profiles won't be able to utilize the insight tool
  • Head over to your profile and click the gear icon to access the settings menu
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and where prompted, link your page to your Facebook business page. Before landing on this page, I advise you go to your Facebook account and create a business page; hence you won't be able to proceed.
  • However, you also have an option to create your Facebook page directly on Instagram during the creation process.
  • Review and, if possible, make changes to your business profile before proceeding.

Using Insight for Analytics on Instagram

Insights can view engagement metrics such as likes, comments, views, clicks, and followers. Accounts running paid ads give the extra privilege of seeing impression, website visits as well as conversion.
To view all data on these metrics, you have to visit your Instagram business profile, locate the bar chart icon, which will automatically link you to the insight page. Here, you will see the engagement metrics recorded in the past few weeks. Insights update daily, which is fantastic. Hence, you can view Insights from the last two days or a day before.

Here are insights You Can Search For

Impression: this refers to the number of times your ads appear on your audience feed.
Reach: this shows the number of users that have viewed your ads
Website Click: this is the number of times users have taken action on your profile. It shows how many times users have clicked on your link to your sales page or ent destination outside Instagram.
Profile Visit: if you're sending traffic to your profile, profile visits shows you the number of profile visits on your page.

Followers Insights Data in 2020

This insight displays how many users have viewed your page and also subscribed to becoming your follower. Follower details display what time of the day your follower is likely going to be online. The details even show you when they're likely to engage. This insight allows you to plan your post with optimization.
To view insight on a post, you will have to start by visiting your page and tap on the Instagram post you want to analyze. Then hit “view insights” below the page. You can also promote a page using this method. The only change to make is that you will hit the “promote” button to do so.
You can also view insights on the promoted posts. Other engagement metrics calculated includes
Likes: this is self-explanatory. It shows the number of people who have liked your post
Comments: this insight indicates the number of comments left on your post.
Saves: this is the number of accounts who saved your post for offline view. Saves reflect once a follower clicks the bookmark option on your page.
Action: this metric indicates the number of operations executed on your page. Actions cover things like visits, clicks likes, comments, and profile visits. This metric also includes metrics impression as well reach.

Instagram Insights for Measuring Analytics

Why You Should Use Instagram Insights for Analytics

Instagram has over 25 million business profiles and 200 Million users in total. The number of daily users is massive, and so is the engagement rate. Unfortunately, not all your posts will land on the desk of your ideal audience. While this isn't a problem for average users, if you're running ads, you should know that your campaign is bound to fail if the majority of your audience isn't interested in your product or services.
If you're looking to use the audience insight tool, here are things you never have to suffer from ever again.

  • Targeting audience not interested in your product or services
  • Posting when your ideal audience is inactive
  • Driving irrelevant visitors to your page or profile
  • Missing opportunities due to lousy engagement
  • Ignoring honorable mentions that can result in a long-lasting partnership


These are just a few of the things you stand to gain using Instagram insight. The information you get minimizes the probability of going wrong on your marketing campaign and getting results with minimal effort. This tool is open to all marketers at no cost.

Date: January 20, 2020 / Categories: Tips, / Author: E O


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