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Instagram Ads: Updates for 2020

Presently, there are over 2 million active advertisers on Instagram, a figure that shows most business owners are coming to terms with the opportunity presented by the platform. Even though Facebook ads remain the most popular option among business owners, there's no denying the fact that Instagram ads convert better, and the probability of making sales is even better than the former.

On Instagram, you will find serious buyers, unlike Facebook. Whether you're into digital products, fashion, or looking to get more patronizers, Instagram ads will help you achieve all of that. This is actually a great list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers for those that don't trust advertising results.

In this guide, we will be giving you a detailed explanation of Instagram ads. But before proceeding, you should know that Instagram Ads goes beyond everything here. Mastering how the platform works lies Solely on your intuition and readiness to learn. This guide won't make you a pro at creating ads, rather its meant to simplify how the ads platform operates for better understanding.

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Creating Ads Directly On Instagram

Most people are prone to creating their ads from Facebook rather than doing so directly on Instagram. These ads from Facebook gives you more targeting options that allow you to define your audience correctly.

Running ads directly on Instagram is quite expensive, and the objective here is few as well. On Facebook, you have close to 10 goals to choose. Goals include traffic, conversion, lead generation, and engagement. On Instagram, you will find only the most popular ones, like engagement and traffic.

If you have a knowledge of how Facebook ads works, creating Instagram ads will be a piece of cake. However, you should know that both platforms use the same ad policy. Hence, wanting on Facebook, it's unlikely for your ads to get approval on Instagram.

Instagram Advertising 2020 Updates

Before we proceed, you should know that advertising is only open to business accounts. Hence, if you're using a personal account, you might not be able to launch an ad through your Instagram account. I do not advise converting an existing personal account into business, as this will confuse your audience.

Instead, I will recommend that you create a new business account for your brand. Once you make your account, Link your Facebook page with your original account, and it will automatically be converted to a business account by Instagram.

Getting Started With Instagram Ads

To promote your product on Instagram, you have to first create an Instagram post via the official Instagram app. Next, navigate to your profile and select the post you wish to promote. Click the “promote” button under the publication page to access the promotion tools.

Configure Your Advertising Goals

Instagram allows you to choose the most suitable objective for your ads. If your goal is to direct people to your website, you will want to use the traffic objectives. However, if you want people to comment or follow your account, you will want to use engagement. You can send traffic to your WhatsApp account using traffic objectives as well. This way, you will have to close all sales yourself rather than using a sales funnel.

If you want people to visit your website, choose the option that says ” visit website” and select “destination'. Enter the URL of the landing page you want to send visitors to when they click. If you're sending them to your profile, click on the option that says ” reach people near an address” and choose the profile you want to redirect them. You can add your phone number so they can call you rather than visiting your profile.

Instagram Ads Updates for 2020 and beyond

Define Your Audience For 2020

Once you have configured your objective, tap “automatic,” and you will redirect to a page where you will have to set your audience. Remember that the failure of most campaigns starts from the targeting session. If you use the wrong targeting, you're unlikely to see any results. It's simple logic. Your products can go to the wrong people, which results in poor conversion.

Research on your ideal audience before coming to this session. Coming here without enough knowledge of your ideal audience will hurt your ads. Use audience insight tools to research your perfect audience. This tool will show you the age range, location, and behavior of your ideal audience.

Budget And Duration of Instagram Ads

Here, you will configure the amount you want to spend on an ad. The minimum daily spending is $1. The more you spend on your ads, the more conversion you get. Since the review process can take up to 24 hours, its recommended you set up your campaign ahead of time. You can configure your ads to run for five days or even more. Once your budget limit is reached, your ads will automatically stop running.

Most marketers prefer to set up multiple campaigns using different creatives yo see which one brings better conversion. Always spend little on your ads and slowly increase as you start seeing results.

Next, enter your payment details and click preview to go through the ads once again. Hit “create promotion” to submit for review. Please wait for it to get approved, after which your campaign will go live.

You can use insights to see how your ads are performing. Here you will be able to view statistics such as Link clicks, reach, impressions, and comments.


Instagram users are more interested in buying than that of Facebook. On Instagram, your conversion rate is likely to increase by 50%, not to mention your Profit Margin. However, you will struggle to get things right at first. Getting your ads approved is even less than that on Facebook. Yet, you're unlikely to get banned for a simple mistake, as in the case of Facebook.

Date: January 8, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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