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Instagram Accounts To Follow If You’re Into Fashion

Everyone, at some point, experiences the frustration of not coming up with the right choice of clothing. Whether you're at work or school, you know how frustrating it is opening up a wardrobe with limited options. It doesn't always come down to the piece of clothing available but ensuring you have the right fit for the occasion.

If you're struggling to figure out what top will look good on that pair of jeans or which pair of shoes will go, you can find some inspiration by going through tons of posts from fashionistas on Instagram.

Check out these fashionista accounts and never run out of options for your outfit of the day. Even fashionistas buy Instagram followers using our list of the best place to purchase them in 2020!

Instagram Accounts To Follow for Fashion


This Instagram account primarily focuses on giving you tips on how to choose your outfit of the day. They're the creators of the hashtag #OOTD and have over 2 million active followers. There's no doubt that this account will provide you with all the inspiration you need when dressing up. You will find beneficial tips on how to match different shades of colors, choosing the right shoes as well as inspiration on your choice of makeup and hair extension.

Using their hair tips, you will discover the best hairstyle for your face shape and why you should become more creative with your choice of clothes. They have several options for both young and old and have expanded their activity to fit into different occasions. You can find something for a date, prom night, casual, wedding anniversary, and birthday parties.


The best option for college students and singles looking to add a touch of class to their outfit is to watch Instagram. This account helps you achieve that chic look while channeling your inner Beyonce. This account stands out for its versatility and is here to help you express yourself through your dressing. So if you're thinking of getting the bad girl look, this is the place to be. Even if you are not the biggest fan of such a dress sense, you will find something to inspire you daily.

The account contains posts on how to make your outfit stand out as well as makeup and hair inspiration for a casual look. This account serves as an inspiration for lots of celebrities; hence it won't hurt actually to try them out.


This account is going to give you a few shivers with your style. What we like is the uniqueness as well as creativity going into every post. You will find helpful videos and tips that remove restrictions on your style. This account is about women who are looking to express their boldness via their form of dressing.

What you will also love about this account is the simple approach used in engaging with their followers. You will get a reply to your comments and can also request a video on a particular style.


If you find more comfort in rocking outfits from the opposite sex, you're bound to get s bit critical about what others think. Accepting your taste is one thing, and knowing the type of clothing that matches your body type is another. This account doesn't help you dress like a tomboy; instead, it lifts restriction on the style and color of outfits. You won't find women wearing a tuxedo, but you will find them wearing a lot of masculine clothes while maintaining their feminine side.

Mac Daddy

Mac Daddy isn't an everyday Instagram account but has become one of the most popular accounts among celebrities, thanks to its unique style. mac_daddy focuses on helping you get a perfect makeup look by using contour. Some of the basic things you will learn from this account include how to blend smoky eyes with plump lips as well as the type of makeup to wear for a specific event.

One thing you will love about this Instagram account is that it shows you how to go from simple to complex. All makeup processes are filmed from start to finish. It also offers you the tools and tricks to get your desired look. And to crown it all, mac daddy doesn't use multiple products when contouring making the entire idea of making up look like a piece of cake.

Instagram Accounts made to Follow for Fashion


Unlike other accounts managed like a brand, this account is under control by the owner of the account Aimee songs. She has one of the best sense of humor, as well as a likable personality that drains her followers into her post.

She uses a casual approach to explain how to wear prints and shorts. What you will love about her account is that it gives enough details about the subject matter. For instance, if you find a post on how to wear wigs, you will also find tips on how to maintain your hair, outfit to wear with it, the most suitable face type for it as well as what not to wear. All this is here to help you unearth that classic and desirable look.


This account is purely about jewelry. You can find a variety of jewelry choose from and determine your style. You can start from subtle to elaborate, and you can find detailed information about each product on the website. All the posts displayed on their accounts can be gotten from their official website as well. Hence, Instagram has primarily used as.their a source of traffic.

So in case you're confused about the right jewelry pairing for your outfit, you can always turn to Dannijo.


It's hard to know whether an outfit worn by a model on the red carpet will match your body type. With the help of @thisisashrose, you don't have to contemplate the right gear for your body type for long. Here, you will discover how to pair your curves as well as the right choice of clothing for your body type.


There are several accounts to follow on your sense of style, but you can accentuate your style by getting to know other dress styles. If you like to show a lot of skin, 100Flavoursuck will become a mainstay on your feed. While those still trying to land on the best contouring for their face type will find solace in Mac_daddy.

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