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Advertising On Instagram: Things To Understand in 2020

We've found a lot of marketers who have rushed into promoting their products on Instagram without acquiring Knowledge about how the platform works. Silly mistakes have led to seeing their accounts getting the red flag, which automatically disqualifies them from using the platform to advertise ever again.

To avoid these mistakes, we've come up with a list of things you should know before creating Instagram ads. Not only will you be able to avoid the dreaded red flag, but you also learn how to reach your ideal audience. Don't forget to see our safest websites to buy Instagram followers from today!

Selecting The Right Targeting Advertisement on Instagram

Before jumping to advertising on Instagram, you ought to understand how the platform works. If you're familiar with Facebook ads, then Instagram shouldn't be a problem for you since you will also launch your ads from your Facebook ads account. The only change you will have to make is to select Instagram as the placement of your preferred ad.

The success of your campaign depends on a lot of factors, your targeting inclusive. Targeting allows you to narrow your options to the right audiences. This way, you will be able to identify those who are likely to buy your product. Facebook audience insight tools allow you to gain insight into your targeting option. This powerful tool shows you the demographics of your ideal audience for your ad. This includes location, age, mobile usage, occupation, and educational level.

When you input a specific keyword on the search bar, you will get enough information related to that keyword. For instance, if you input weight loss, you will get statistics of Instagram users interested in weight loss and their engagement level in the last few days. You also get enough details about the page they follow.

Instagram Ads Updates for 2020 and beyond

Advertising on Instagram in 2020

When targeting on Instagram, you will have to enter key terms that are closely related to your product. For instance, if you sell flat tummy tea, the following keywords will likely appeal to your audience – weight loss, the biggest loser, Keto diet, calorie, and green tea. An additional targeting option will be magazines, celebrities, and blogs closely related to your search terms.

Audience interested in the flat tummy will likely be a big Fan of Beyonce while those interested in Looking beautiful and ageless will probably be a fan of Jennifer Lopez.

Remember that targeting a celebrity could be too broad. Hence, it would help if you narrowed down your option using keywords and the details collected from audience insight.

Understanding Advertising Campaign Objectives

There are several types of the objective to choose from when using Instagram ads. For instance, if you're looking to reach more people and get them to pay attention to your brand, using brand awareness should be on the cards for you. There are many updates we've covered on Instagram Advertising you can't miss here.

If you want more clicks or want to send traffic to your site, traffic objective is the right fit for you. You should know that when using traffic objectives, you will be charged per link clicked and not Impression. It's also possible for those that clicked on your relationship to make a purchase, but this is not the ideal option if your goal is to make sales.

Because Facebook will show your ads to those likely to click rather than those likely to buy, it's possible to get over 200 link clicks without making a single sales, especially in the case of high ticket products.

Engagement objectives are to gain likes, comments, shares, and responses from a post. A marketer can have an insight into how much people are interested in his product using engagement, but this is a hazardous option for those looking to make sales. Engagement ads are quickly approved, unlike traffic and conversion ads, but your landing pages must be perfect.

Conversion objectives get people to take action on your page. You either want people to sign up, or buy a product from you. Using conversion leads to more sales since your ads will display to those likely to buy. Using translation, you ought to build a robust sales funnel, and at the same time, you need a good sales copy.

Review Period of your Instagram Advertisement

After setting up your ads, your ads go under review. Your ads will be approved within a maximum of 24 hours if it meets the community standards. Know that Instagram ads are becoming more strict. Hence, your account might be disabled if you're pushing it in any area.

Use The Right Call To Action in Your Ad

There are several calls to actions available on this advertising platform. They include buying now, sign up, learn more, or shop now. If you're using conversion or traffic, gain more Will be ideal since the majority of information to convey is on your website. Shop and buy more work best if you're looking to send traffic to your online store while Sign up is for lead generation. However, Instagram will allow you to use any one of your choices.

Know What To Advertise for Instagram

Know that the probability of getting your ads disapproved is higher than otherwise. New advertisers should read the community rules on products allowed before creating any advert. On the advertiser's guide, there is a list of products prohibited on the platform, and going against this rule won't just get your items disapproved, but your account banned as well. The type of items prohibited includes health products, sex enhancement products, warcraft, drugs, and weapons.

Lastly, you should pay attention to your ad creative. Facebook wants its audience to have the best experience on their platform and frowns upon contents that aim towards their audience. Avoid Using first-person words such as “You” in adverse situations. For instance, Are you fat? Are you struggling to get rid of belly fat? Or is your belly fat preventing you from putting on your favorite top?


Knowing this beforehand stops you from not just getting the red flag but ensuring you never lose any of your Money to Mark Zuckerberg.

Date: January 10, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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