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5 Misconception About Launching On Instagram

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform in the world, only behind Facebook. Despite being termed as the celebrity hub, it has done the contrary by creating a medium for brands and business owners to launch.

It has an impressive number of active users, which ensures you increase your level of engagement and boost sales effortlessly. Despite the exposure this platform has provided, some have decided to starve themselves of its service. Choosing to limit themselves by getting stuck in the old ways of thinking, which believed Instagram was only for celebrities and as such, would be a total waste of time for business owners.

Fortunately, the number of business owners on this platform has increased over the years. The growth is only going to get even higher as the years roll by. The expansion proves that the myths are just a mere misconception and one that should go away.

Here are some of the most standard Instagram myths you ought to stop believing in, immediately: Yes, buying Instagram followers is real and safe! If they weren't they would become weapons to use on your competitors!

5 Misconception About Launching On Instagram in 2020

Product Too Boring For Instagram

Larger than life way of living, stunning graphics, food, blogging, and fashion brands all appeal to Instagram users, but your business doesn't have to be any of those to succeed on the platform. This is why people buy Instagram likes to make it look popular. Your goal is to reach those who are interested in your services, and no matter what kind of services you offer, they're available on Instagram. Objectives include copywriting, web design, digital marketing, and information marketing.

For instance, if you're a digital marketer, you can shoot videos and tell your audience how you can improve their business. You can also post testimonials from those you have helped as well as free tips on how to propel their business forward. For a copywriter, your job is to help companies to make sells by assembling strings of words that appeal to their customer's emotions. A copywriter doesn't want to impress you with his choice of words. Instead, his sole aim is for you to click the CTA button.

A copywriter will adopt the same marketing approach as a digital marketer. Posting testimonials from clients and telling clients how his sales letter will be able to drive in more sales.

Presently, there are even less popular business models without the “wow” factor making a lot of waves on Instagram.

Too Difficult To Attract Followers

Most business owners believe getting followers on Instagram is quite hard. There's no way you can reach your marketing goals if you do not have enough followers. However, getting followers isn't hard nowadays. Adopt the same mentality as getting friends on Facebook.

When you first sign up, you will see a lot of accounts you can follow, and your profile will be shown to other users as well. A new user on Instagram, depending on the product or services offered, is likely to get 50 or more followers when they sign up without engaging in any form of activity.

The number increases after your first post. Provided you maintain a certain level of engagement, your follower base Will increases with time. However. The difference between having 200k followers and millions lies in your understanding of the platform.

Too Difficult To Monitor Analytics

Analyzing engagement metrics is hard. Likes and comments were so tricky that a lot of brands had to rely on third-party tools. Instagram has since launched its analytics tool and can be utilized by business profiles at no cost. These software show engagement metrics and show users the number of times and Days their ideal audience is likely going to be online. The analytics also shows detailed information on demographics, post impression, and likely hours engagement will to increase.

Instagram demographics information provided by this tool includes followers' locations as well as gender. With Insights, your account will be able to view website clicks, views, and lots more. There is no longer a challenge to identify who your ideal audience is as well as how to differentiate severe buyers from mere visitors.

The information this tool provides comes as a helping hand when advertising on this platform. You will be able to make the right targeting.

Myths About Launching On Instagram

I Can't Get Traffic From Instagram

Blogs like Hubspot, Hootsuite, and digital trends generate a large percentage of their traffic from social media. For blog owners who are unlikely to get listed on the first page of search results, they leverage on Instagram to gain traffic.

Generally, it's difficult for people to leave Instagram and redirect to another page. Please make sure the information on your website is worth their time. Take your time to create useful content that appeals to your audience and make sure your content solves their problem.

Using headlines termed to be clickbait lure your audiences into clicking, but if the content on the other end isn't worth their time, they leave without clicking on the call-to-action button.

You can share a link to a webpage on your post, and you can also add a link to your website on your bio session. You can also change this if you want to promote a specific campaign. 

My Customers Aren't On Instagram

Presently, there's no business whose audience isn't on Instagram. It would help if you understood that the presence of social media is to make the world a global village, making it possible for people from all walks of life to relate effortlessly.

Therefore, any business that strives in the outside world will do even better on Instagram. Selling offline, you're confined to a specific location while using Instagram broadens your reach. You will be able to get buyers from far and beyond. What's even more interesting is that online buyers are likely to pay more, thereby increasing your profit margin.


So if you're one of those who believe any of the myths listed above, now is the right time to let go — using Instagram skyrockets your business to the next level. Maintaining an online presence is just like following the 80/20 rule, which implies that 20% of your action accounts for 80% of your results. Hence, you gain more while doing less with Instagram.

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