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Why You Should Use Instagram Ads in 2019

Using an Instagram ad to reach your marketing goal may seem like an arduous task at a distance.

However, if you get into it with the right knowledge, you will quickly get an impressive result. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of the account that advertises their account on Instagram increased by over 550%. This growth is a reflection of how businesses perceive Instagram advertisements. And the fact that they continue promoting is a reflection of the effectiveness.

I’ll advise that you place your advert with the Facebook manager because it is much easier and quicker. Buying ads is especially beneficial if you buy lots of Instagram followers and want to use Ads at the same time.

If you run lots of ads, you should consider using Facebook’s marketing API. The API can help you to run the ads quickly and more conveniently. If you’re a business that runs multiple ads on Instagram, delivers a lot of content, and caters to a large follower base, you should consider using Instagram partners.

Why You Should Use Instagram Ads

Here’s why you should get serious with advertising on Instagram;

1. The platform is accessible to everyone in every country where access to it is not restricted.

2. You can use Facebook data to get your audience since Instagram and Facebook are both owned by the same company

3. You have no limit to the number of engagement you can get. The only limit is in your skills. You can also communicate with your followers when they drop a comment on your post.

4. Experts believe that People respond to Instagram ads better; this is because your ad will look like any other post. As such, you will get lots of engagement from your target audience.

Instagram can help you direct more engaging traffic to your website, increase sales, and boost downloads.

Here are some steps that you need to take if you want to use Instagram ads properly. Especially in such a way that it will be useful for your personal goals.

1. Open Facebook’s Ad manager on any suitable device

It is mandatory for you to log-in to your Facebook account before you can use the Ads Manager.

2. Set what your Instagram marketing objective is

Setting your marketing objective is the most critical step that you can take in having a successful marketing adventure. The goal you set should be a solution to the problem you currently face. For example, if you have a small number of visitors on your website, your goal should be to drive traffic to the site. If your target market does not know of your product, your goal should be to create awareness about what you sell. Get the gist?

3. Have a Target Audience

Your target audience is the category of users that your product or service serves. If you’re promoting your personal Instagram page, then your target audience will be the category of Instagram followers that you think will have an interest in your personality.  

4. Choose Your Placements

You should choose your placement if you want to keep your ads to show only your Instagram audience. If you don’t, Facebook will assume that you want to share your ad with both Instagram and Facebook users. As such, the ad will be visible to users on both platforms.

Here’s how to choose a placement

  • Go to Ads Manager on any device that supports drop-down menu
  • Go through the list of objectives on that page and select your choice
  • Open the Section where “Placements” is, then choose “Edit Placements.”

5. Set your budget and your suitable Ad schedule

You will quickly get on with this step if you have experience creating an ad on Adwords, Facebook, and some other online platforms.

You have the option of pausing or stopping the ad. As such, you can make adjustments to your original ad set-up.

Even the best of digital marketers alter their ad budget, schedule, and other ad set-ups often.

If you’re starting, I’ll advise that you choose “Daily” when you get the question if you want your ad to run “Daily” or “Continuously.” Choosing “Daily” allows you to re-access and fine-tune your Instagram advertising strategy. 

When selecting your budget, you should choose to run o a daily budget. You can also allow your ad to run until you’ve spent every money on your total budget.

I’ll advise that you follow the recommendations made by Instagram when creating the ad, especially if it is the first ad, you’ll be creating.

Create your Ad After taking the steps recommended above, I hope you have a top-notch content available for the goal you want to get out of the Ad you’re looking to promote.

Date: December 17, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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