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Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Instagram

The app owned by Facebook has perfected the art of tapping into the human desire for comparison and image sharing. The social media site helps us to determine how we portray our lives to others, and also shape the perception the public has of us. 

Irrespective of how addicted you are to the platform, you may not be getting the most of it as the company has a reputation of always introducing new features. For people who don’t even know you can buy Instagram followers, here are the best sites to buy Instagram followers from on the internet. Here are some things that you probably didn’t know can be done on Instagram.

Didn’t Know You Could Do On Instagram

1. Automatically filter the comments you perceive as inappropriate

You can prevent users from dropping in-appropriate comments on your pictures; this feature is particularly useful for individuals with a lot of followers. It is difficult for such people to block everyone that drops an inappropriate comment on their posts.

You should also use this feature if you’re suffering from social-media bullies or those who hate you because of your sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. You can shield yourself from these inappropriate comments by changing the settings on your Instagram account. To do this, go to “Profile Settings,” then “Comments” and select the option that says “Hide inappropriate comments.” You can also enter certain words and phrases, such that Instagram will automatically remove those comments that consist of phrases you deem inappropriate.

If your kid is also on Instagram, then you should use this feature, as it hides them from comments that are unsuitable for their age. 

2. Modify your Instagram stories

You probably know by now that stories on Instagram only last for a few seconds. You can determine how an Instagram Story plays as you can pause it, watch the previous Story, or skip to the next one. If you want to fast-forward the next Story, tap the top right of the screen, and the top left if you're going to check the previous Story. Press a finger of the screen if you're going to pause the Story; the moment you remove your hand from the Story, the story will continue playing.  

3. You can reduce how your Instagram app consumes data

Instagram can take a considerable chunk of your data as it is continuously downloading pictures and videos uploaded by fellow users. If the data consumption rate is too high, you can alter the settings to reduce this.

If you want to reduce the way this app consumes your data, navigate your way to “Options” on the Instagram app. Tap on the three-dot icon on your screen; you should see this icon at the top of any picture on your timeline. Then select the following “Mobile Data Use,” and “Use Less Data.” When you do this, you will notice that your Instagram app will consume less data than before.

4. Create a business profile

You should create a business profile if your purpose of opening an Instagram account is to market your product and communicate with your existing customers. It will make it easy for your current and prospective clients to track you. It also comes in handy when you’re planning to make your product trend. Statistically, businesses promoted with a business profile tend to perform better than those that aren’t.

Your business page does not disturb the proper functioning of your account as you can be logged-in to the two at the same time.

To add a business account, go to the options menu and select “Add Account.”

It is straightforward to switch from one profile to another, all you need to do it to tap the username at the top of your profile.

5. Arrange your filters to taste.

Filter rearrangement is probably one of the least known features on Instagram. To do this, scroll through the list of filters to the end, then select the “Manage” option. You can then decide to hide the ones you never use and bring the one you use prominently to the front.

 6. Get rid of your Instagram search history

If you want to remove your Instagram’s search history, you can do this by navigating your way to “Options,” then tap “Clear Search History.” Thus, no one can track the users you searched before you cleared your search history.

7. Remove unwanted tags

A lot of us get tagged in random pictures or those that ridicule us and portray our embarrassing moment; you can prevent those pictures from appearing in your timeline.

If you want to remove your Instagram handle from a picture, tap on the Options menu, then tap on “Photo Options.”

8. Remove geotags

If enabled, Instagram will disclose the location where you took every picture you upload to the general public. Thus it increases the chances of someone stalking you through Instagram. It gets particularly dangerous if your account is not private, as this means that anyone with an Instagram account can see each picture location if they care to know.

You can choose to remove this geotags this feature entirely or change the location before uploading the picture to a less specific area. If you want to edit this feature on an image, you should do this before uploading the next photo.

9. Receive notifications from accounts

If you have specific profiles you want to keep tabs on, you have the option of doing that by changing the settings on your account. After that, you will get notifications when these individuals post a picture.

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