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The Easiest Ways to Increase Your Influence on Instagram

Instagram has seen a surge in its number of users since. The photo and video sharing site is widely used by everybody to share videos and photos about their life, make new friends, connect with loved ones, etc.
If you tap into the potential of such a big market, you will find out that it is one of the most effective tools for marketing your brand, product, and even yourself. So many brands and individuals are on Instagram for people to be aware of what they’re seeling and what they have to offer, you should also be. Some of these brands and individuals have a lot of followers. How do they manage to build such an influence on Instagram?

The Easiest Ways to Increase Your Influence on Instagram

Know the niche you want to Influence

Just like you should do in any trade, you must know what type of people you’ll like to influence. You can’t just have a huge blanket and hope you get people to follow you; you can only appeal to a particular segment.
When posting, pick a topic that you think your niche will find interesting. To get the influence you want, you have to know who fits into that niche and how you want to capture your niche’s attention. Only celebrities can post random stuff and get influential, and this is because people are already interested in how they live. If you want to be influential, your niche should love what you do, and you should concentrate on that. Have it in mind that switching abruptly from one sector to another can make you lose the target audience you’ve built.

Ensure that your content is worthy of the double-tap

I don’t have to stress this because it should be the obvious thing to do as this is the goal of every Instagram account owner. Your content should appeal to your niche, when it does, they will like and share your content on their Instagram stories and pages.
The quality of the photograph will significantly affect the number of likes and comments you’ll get. Thus, you should ensure that your picture quality is excellent. One way to improve your photo quality to get more likes is by using Instagram filters. Research has shown that pictures that are filtered get more likes and shares than those that are not.

Post as regularly as possible

If your goal is to get an increase in your follower base, then you need to work on posting regularly. You should schedule posts at a time that your niche is often online. It is not just enough to post excellent photos once a blue-moon; your niche may find your Instagram account annoying. You need to post daily and be ready to interact with your niche. You should comment and like their comments, even if not all, try to engage with some.
If you are a business, then you should hire someone who will always be available to answer your customer’s inquiries. If a potential customer doesn’t get a reply on time, they will approach your nearest and most available competitor.

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is one of the best tools that you can employ if you want to get organic followers. A hashtag creates a page on Instagram for posts with the same hashtag. You can craft your hashtag or join an existing one. If you use a popular hashtag, everyone following that hashtag will see your comment. Thus, more people will see your photo or video.
If you want to add hashtags, ensure that it is relevant to your post. For example, you shouldn’t use a hashtag that is about technology when your content is about fashion. If you use hashtags well, it can be your primary source of Instagram followers. You can add tens of hashtags to a post, and I’ll advise that you use all possible hashtags to drive views and followers to your page.

Ask your audience to contribute

Your followers may need that extra nudge for them to engage with your post. You should use a call to action words and pictures; this will increase the number of likes, comments, and re-post that you’ll get.
You can also introduce contests to your Instagram followers. One of such is, “post a video describing what you like about me/my brand/ my product and get a massive discount/ give-away prices,” etc. That will increase the awareness about you or your product/brand, thus growing your influence on Instagram.

Engage in conversations that interest your niche

If you notice that a popular topic is currently in discussion, you should share your opinion on it if it touches your niche. Engage with conversations with those top influencers in your sector, interact with them, and share it when they mention you in their comment.
If you’re starting, you should follow your followers back and comment on their photos and videos; this will help solidify the little connection between you two. It would help if you tried not to miss congratulating them on special occasions like graduation, birthdays, and some other happy moments. You can get followers quickly by buying views; however, if you want to influence your followers, you have to get them organically.

Use Instagram analytics tools

It would be best if you used Instagram analytics tools to keep track of your marketing effort. These tools will assist you in knowing which of your technique is yielding results and which is not. You should focus on consolidating on the ones that are working for you and abandon the marketing strategies that don’t seem to get the result you desire.

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