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How To Use Instagram Stories: A Guide

Best Ways To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has stolen the spotlight off Facebook, which seems to be the most popular social media platform right now. While the platform is nowhere near the number of active users recorded by Facebook, Instagram has proven that be beyond the kid's playground. Instagram has been relentless in its effort to make the platform outstanding by merging both Facebook and Snapchat features.

Instagram story is an essential tool used by the majority of Instagram users. Even people who look for the best site to buy Instagram followers are concerned about this. Over the last few years, Instagram stories usage has skyrocketed to 200 million, surpassing that of both Facebook and Snapchat. While this feature has was introduced on Facebook, few users use it in contrast to Instagram.

If you're a new user on Instagram, it's essential to know how to use the stories field as well as how it works. This guide takes you on that path by exploring all the features of Instagram stories as well as how to create a captivating Instagram Story account.

How To Use Instagram Stories Guide

Why You Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories stay on your page for less than 24 hours and allow users to create fascinating posts that draw user's attention. Instagram Stories are not average posts with poor visuals. Stories will require careful designs to meet a specific goal. They are going to be live for 24 hours. Your goal is to create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Instagram stories enhance users Experience. If you're a brand or a group of individuals looking to gain more Followers, there are a lot of reasons to use Instagram stories. First, the amount of engagement you're likely to record is slightly higher as you get to reach more people.

Secondly, it gives you the freedom to make compelling visual content that propels you towards your goal. Using Stories yu could be to drive sales, send traffic to your website, or get people to sign up for your email list. The creative option here are endless, and you get to think outside the box.

Using Instagram stories to drive your marketing goal is time-savvy. You don't need to spend the luxury of time trying to figure out what works, and neither do you have to pay extra to have your post displayed to your audience. With less time to worry about perfection, you can have more fun with your marketing campaign.

How To Create Instagram Stories

There are two ways of creating an Instagram profile. You can create stories by going to your Instagram page and clicking on your profile picture or using the camera icon on the main feed. Once you finished adding texts and other creative, tap the plus sign on your Story to make your Story go live.

If this Optionoption seems a bit complicated, you can follow the second Optionoption, which allows you to create a story using select media Option. Here, you get more creative Optionoption. You can choose a standard media where you're allowed to add just a single image or video, a boomerang where you add a GIF or hands-free where you can record a live video.

Before posting your stories, you must make it awesome by adding filters, stickers, Emojis, or even selfie stickers.

Adding Filters

To add visuals to your Story, click on the small icon at the bottom of your screen to get to a thumbnail of all Media files. You can access your video and images from the camera roll. Click on the media file you intend to use. 

You must know that the images or videos to use must be for the let 24 hours as anything more than a day ago won't be accepted. The photos are required to be of 1080 × 1920 pixels, while the image ratio should be 9:16.

Check Views

After uploading your Stories, sit back and relax as people Click on it. You can get enough information about the performance of your stories. To view all the statistics behind the stories, tap the story icon, and at the bottom, you will see the number of people that have seen your Story.

Swipe up with see the users that viewed your Story. This can be helpful if you intend to launch a campaign. You will be able to see people that view your profile only for 24 hours. Once your Story is taken down, all other statistics disappear as well.

In any event where you don't want a user to view your profile, tap the three dots beside the user's name then hit the Optionoption that says “hide Story.” Now you will hide all your stories from the user but will still be able to view your profile and recent posts.

Add Hashtags

You can also optimize your Instagram stories with hashtags. You can help you find new followers on Instagram. Once you've added pictures to your Instagram stories, hit the hashtag sticker and enter the hashtag you want to optimize it.

You can tap the hashtag to Change its color or pinch to change its size. You can only use a maximum of 10 hashtags on a single story but ensure the hashtag used are relevant to the post and shouldn't be cluttered. Hence, it will be a good idea to hide it under a sticker.

 Add Location To Stories

Just as you add a location on regular Instagram posts, you can also add a place to your stories. There are many locations to choose from for your creation. Adding a specific location will get you more reach from that area. Once people tap oh Stories from that location, yours will be displayed as well.

To add location, Navigate to stories, and tap the sticker icon at the top of your page. Now you will display all the stickers available. Choose a location from the available options and enter any area of your choice. Tap or pinch to edit its color and size.

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