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9 New Ideas for What to Post on Instagram in 2020

Determining what and when to post on Instagram is not an easy task, especially if you have a specific goal you want to achieve on the platform. You have to continually come up with ideas that will help beat Instagram’s algorithm.
It would help if you tried to introduce fresh content to your audience so as not to get boring. Some ideas that we’ll discuss will teach you how to post for IGTV, Stories, and Live. Some of the methods prescribed will require top social media skills, while others are easy to implement. Your content should stick to a niche, yet be challenging to predict. In social media, predictability is boring. Here are some ideas for what to post;

9 New Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

1) Post puzzles on Instagram for 2020

Your audience will find it refreshing if you post puzzling pictures; this can be outside the scope of your niche, but ensure that it is fun and engaging. You may introduce prizes for those who got the answer right, and even if you don’t, they will get a feeling of self-satisfaction when they correct. Whichever puzzle you choose, ensure that it is not too tricky as it will leave your audience frustrated.

2) Add product teasers for 2020

If you launch new products on your Instagram page, instead of announcing the name of the product directly, you can create a teaser. People tend to be aware of products introduced through teasers than those mentioned to them. Teasers build up anticipation about your product. As such, they will curiously purchase your product when you launch it for the general public. You can create teasers with question stickers, posts, and stories.

3) Make live video broadcasts

The approach you use for a live video all depends on your perception of the ideal thing to do live. Some top strategies include broadcasting a special even on IG, addressing a trendy topic about your niche and special events.
Having a live video will help you to have a conversation with your customers and followers on how to use your product. You’ll be able to address their concerns such that those with similar issues can take a cue from your discussion.
It will be beneficial if you can have someone else reading through their comments and write it down so that you can address all concerns.

4) Write a caption before looking for the corresponding picture

You should do this if you’re a brand that has a distinctive voice; this is because it is easier to source out your picture based on content; it is also more productive this way. The images you post should match the mood of the moment.

Ideas for What to Post on Instagram in 2020

5) Add stickers to your Instagram posts

A lot of Instagram users feel that Sticker is for Stories alone; that’s not true. You can use stickers on your Instagram posts to make them stand out from other pictures. When your photo stands out, it tends to get more attention. Thus, you will get more reposts, likes, and comments.
When using stickers, ensure that the design does not make the picture look too colorful for your business as it can irritate some potential clients. If you use Stickers correctly, it can take you a step closer to achieving your goals.

6) Post flash sales on your Instagram stories

You may perceive that Instagram stories are not worth it because they don’t stay for long; that’s another wrong assumption. Instagram stories will get you a lot of attention. Some social media experts believe that Instagram stories get you more awareness than posts; whether that is true or not is a subject of discussion for another time.
If you are a business, you should post flash sales on your Instagram stories. These flash sales can range from 24-hour give-aways to a launch countdown. Anything that works for you is excellent; however, these sales should be time-constrained. This way, customers feel the need to purchase your product so that they don’t miss out.

7) Post behind the scene pictures of your production center/office

When you post behind the scene photos of how your office runs or how your staffs enjoy themselves during off-hours, it can make your customers more emotionally attached to your brand.
When posting pictures, ensure that it does not portray your brand in terribly, if you do this, it can make the public get irritated about your brand. Take a look at what you do and ask yourself, “What happened today at the workplace that will interest your customers.”

8) Share your mistakes of 2019

It would be best if you gave your brand a human face by sharing your past mistakes. Most brands feel that your customers will be dissatisfied with the fact that your brand is prone to errors. Contrary, people will tend to trust you better because they will see your brand as a truthful one. As such, if you tell them that a product is the best in the market, they’ll tend to believe you more.
When sharing your mistakes, you should ensure that it’s not one that can be detrimental to your business. And make sure that it is a past mistake. If you want to share a very recent error, ensure that it is easily forgivable.

9) Share the result of using your products/services

It would help if you shared before and after pictures of your client. Use tools at your disposal to create a collage of before and after photos, then post on Instagram. For example, if you’re an independent business development expert, post a picture of a company that you recently worked on, and show the result before you got hired and after.

Date: December 31, 2019 / Categories: Guide, / Author: E O


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