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Top 6 Instagram Entrepreneur Accounts to Follow

Every entrepreneur needs to get motivated internally and externally always. One way to get motivated externally is by following Instagram accounts that post content that shares inspiring quotes and details. But you can’t do that if you follow handles that share pictures of beautiful pets and landscapes. You should follow the write sets of people.

Thus, we’ve curated a list of entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and organizations that send out Instagram posts that will keep your passion for entrepreneurship burning. This list is so good, it should be added to our Top Things You Didn't Know list on Instagram.

Top 6 Instagram Entrepreneur Accounts to Follow on Instagram

1. Harvard Business Review

How to connect with the Instagram account: Search for their handle “@harvard_business_review” on Instagram, then follow the account. You can check their earlier posts on their timeline

Who the owner is: The Instagram account is own and controlled by the Harvard Business School as its official Instagram account.

Why you should follow this account: You should follow this account if you plan to get information that will inspire you about leadership and how to better shape the workplace.

The Instagram account is well descriptive and colorful, and it gives you those mind-blowing facts and research results. Many of the posts on their timeline links to the Institution’s articles, while others are self-questioning. One commonality with all their reports is that it will make you think of the impact of your day-to-day activities and how you relate with individuals on the world at large.  Majority of contents on the Instagram account gives management tips, some of these tips are:

–         “Effectively managing  your small and big projects to yield a maximum result.”

–         “Sleep better and get more productive.”

–         “How to keep a small but effective network.”

–         “Inspire your team to reject narcissism.”

2. Natalie Franke

Instagram handle: “@Nataliefranke.”

Who the owner is: She is an astute entrepreneur who believes that the foundation of your business should be on having a vibrant connection and not competition.

Why you should follow this account: You should hit the follow button to learn more about the #communityovercompetitionmovement and find a way to build a more stable and valuable relationship.

Natalie Franke can be best described as a fighter, as she’s a brain tumor survivor. Now she’s an entrepreneur and the founder of a popular monthly creative entrepreneur meet-up program.

Natalie’s account is one you should follow if you need a mentor that is not scared to open up her life and struggles for all to see.

She believes that the best way to function appropriately in any endeavor is to have a connection with those that are like-minded. She founded the Rising Tide Society just some years ago, and it has grown into one of the fastest-growing society.

3. Sir Richard Branson

Instagram handle: “@richardbranson.”

Who the account owner is: Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin group. He is also called Dr. Yes, because of his philosophy that anything is possible. He is a businessman with interests in numerous companies.

Why you should follow him: If you want to know how it feels to be in the game for over 50 years, then you should check out this account.

You will see a lot of pictures on his timeline, some of which include him living the entrepreneur life, others involve adventures such as swimming with sharks, kayaking, etc. You will also see how he combines being a top-notch entrepreneur with family.

Some of the quotes on his page are uniquely composed, while others are from individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi etc.

If you want to know what firing up your passion with knowledge can take you, follow Richard Branson on Instagram.

4. Startup Creative

Instagram handle:  “@startupcreative.”

Who the owners are: This is the official Instagram account for a quarterly magazine, a magazine that features freelancers and entrepreneurs. Kaylene Langford founded the magazine.

Why you should follow this Instagram handle: This is a magazine that reveals the life of an entrepreneur, such as their ups and downs. The information you get here will help you understand how they think so that you can use that knowledge to shape your view about life.

One piece of advice I got from following this account is that “Once you change your mindset, you will constantly be motivated to succeed irrespective of the challenge you face.”

5. Instagram for Business

Instagram handle: “@instagramforbusiness.”

Who the owners are: This group is behind making Instagram for business more suitable for entrepreneurs. They help companies on Instagram to find more marketing opportunities on the social media site.

Why you should follow them: They also feature businesses; this can help you get ideas from your fellow entrepreneurs to run your business better. They feature entrepreneurs to share stories that can inspire you to be bolder in your sector.

6. 6amsuccess

Instagram handle: @6amsuccess

Who the owner is: The owner of the Instagram account is Victor Hathaway. He’s a man that believes in taking little steps in the right direction to achieve your long term goals.

Why follow him: The Instagram account share a lot of quotes that can inspire you to do more, and make you aware that your success is solely in your hands. Following this Instagram account will make you get rid of any feeling of entitlement you may have.

Due to influence from the silicon valley where he’s based, his Instagram account is more focused on inspiring tech entrepreneurs.

Date: December 23, 2019 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: E O


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