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What are Instagram Memes?

I didn't really think this part was necessary. I had the feeling that every Instagram user in 2019 knows how a meme looks. As a matter of fact, that has become very common these days. You see it on various media channels, celebrities' Instagram stories, and virtually on every one of your feeds. I also thought that it's possible to engage in something and not understand in full what it is. What I'm trying to say is that you may find it fun and engage without knowing what it is. Here is a quick definition for those categories of people.

A meme is simply a captioned photograph intended to be hilarious or to ridicule something or someone. That's the most common type of meme! However, a meme can also be in the form of a video or an illustration. Having understood what meme is, here are the few ways we have put together on how to use memes to increase engagement.

#1 Entertain your followers

First and foremost, regardless of what your purpose of using Instagram memes. Focus your effort on entertaining your audience. A meme must be attractive, funny, and entertaining. If it's not, then why are you doing it? No one would be interested in some memes with a sense of humor. Most people make use of photographs from movies and funnily caption them. The goal is to engage your followers, what could be more engaging than trying to entertain them.

#2 Post Controversial Memes

What do I mean by controversial? Something that when your followers see, they would want to send their opinion about that post. It may even turn into an argument. There was this meme I saw on Instagram, which generated a lot of comments. The individual posted a picture of a well-built young man and captioned it “smash or pass.” This engaged a lot of female followers to comment on the post and also repost for others to see. That's a great way to increase Instagram engagements such that some of your followers would antagonize each other.

#3 Create Original Instagram Memes

I've noticed that if you really want to increase your Instagram engagement with memes, you have to post authentic memes. Don't forget that memes are all over the place on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other media platforms. So if you keep posting a meme I've seen before, I won't be interested in what your meme has to say. I will just ignore and check another post. On the other hand, if each time I see your post, it's always something I have never seen before. I would be interested.

#4 Try as much as possible to post timely memes

What do I mean by timely? You'll agree with me that there's time for everything. You can't be posting something about Christmas in the middle of the year. It doesn't even sound interesting at that point in time. But chill till December period, then people would be interested in checking out your meme post about Christmas and give their comments.

#5 Post Memes about Trending Matters

Another way to enhance Instagram engagement is by creating original memes that talks about something recently trending. Search for trending topics on the media and find a way to develop a meme from it that will be fun and entertaining. It has to be authentic and unique. For instance, let's say Donald Trump has just made a decree about something critical or sensitive, and it's trending on media. You can find a way to develop a meme that would talk about that trending topic that would generate comments. I remember during the elections between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, there were so many memes. I saw a video that caught my attention. It was hilarious and at the same time, informational.  

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would you wear these four shades together? 🤔

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#6 Post Memes That are relatable

The goal is to increase Instagram engagement, right? Try as much as possible to develop memes that people can relate to. Post about celebrities and famous individuals in the world in such a way people can connect. You can create your memes in the form of comparison. I once saw a post on Instagram. It was comparing how things were done in the past and how things are now. It's so hilarious and true. It was interesting to me because I could relate to the post.

#7 Screenshot Hilarious Tweets

Twitter is known to be one of the engaging media platforms in the world. It is so entertaining such that anyone can reply to any tweet. You can do well to search on trending hashtags and hilarious posts or comments. Then caption it. This is one of the common ways by which you can increase engagement on Instagram. Make sure you are copying someone's post on Instagram. Ensure that your posts are as unique as possible.

#8 Redevelop An Instagram Meme From Existing Ones

There are certain times on Instagram, whereby there is a particular trending meme that everyone is reposting and talking about. You can leverage in that specific meme and make it better without copying. It makes people get the information without thinking it's the same post.


Memes should be entertaining, informational, and attractive if you want to increase your Instagram engagement. I've listed eight tidbits on how to use memes to increase Instagram engagement. Try them out and see the results.

Date: November 20, 2019 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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