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Ten Tips Instagram Influencers Do Not Want You To Know About

You might want to ask who the Instagram influencers are. Let me explain this way. Instagram influencers are those who have taken time to acquire followers, perhaps through what they do online and offline. They also have been able to gain their follower's trust as well. Therefore, people tend to see all the posts as authentic.

Due to this attribute of Instagram influencers, they can make some extra cash from people who will like their posts to reach a large number of people at once. It has been discovered that most of these Influencers are bloggers and celebrities. Online entrepreneurs are gaining grounds too.

An influencer taking hold on the marketing aspect of your business is a cause for a business leap. Meanwhile, you kept wondering how the influencers do their things the way they do it. The reasons why I have put in place here ten (10) things an influencer does not want you to find out.

1. Instagram influencers improve on their skills from time to time

The world is changing really fast primarily through tech. Though, an Instagram influencer will come with an I-too-know approach or rather say I-know-all vibes but down within they are always trying to keep up with the ever-changing upgrade in handling social media. However, you will never hear that from them.

2. Instagram Influencers schedule post

Posts, especially from Instagram Influencers, must be done consistently. Although, other Instagram users think an Instagram influencer sleeps and wakes on the Instagram platform as it seems they post now and then. In contrast, frequently, they schedule their posts to the time it best fits to make that post. They also use content applications to boost their effectiveness.

By scheduling their posts, they have time to spare for other activities like reaching out to friends and families. And of course, not every Instagram influencer works on Instagram full-time. They also get to have some fun time even if they are full-time influencers.

3. They use Instagram posting tricks

Instagram influencers will not want you to find out about their posting tricks that make them look like superheroes, whereas, anybody can use these so-called tricks. For instance, when you see an influencer switch screen during a live recording – or they outright buy Instagram followers. This trick can easily be achieved by tapping the display of the page twice. Your camera changes from back to the front camera or vice versa in no time.

Another trick you will like to find out is how they get more colors than the 27 basic ones. This trick activates by clicking on the drawing pen, then, choose a color and hold your finger still on it. With this, you enable the color wheels that can be used to mix the colors of your choice.

4. They started small as well

Rome was not built in a day. Even though influencers might make you feel they had their number of followers in a twinkle of an eye, they all started with zero followers like you. They can also make one feel like not everybody can become an influencer, whereas anyone can! Therefore, do not feel discouraged in your activities; you can be the next influencer.

5. Instagram Influencers try to focus on a niche

Looking at the top 2nd and 3rd influencers on Instagram as of September 2019 as Instagram itself has the highest number of followers with 311.82M followers. Cristiano Ronaldo, the second top influencer with 181.82M followers, is well known for soccer. Then, Arianna Grande, the third with 163.46M followers, is well known in the entertainment industry.

The aforementioned is to expose you to a critical tip you might have overlooked. As an upcoming influencer, you cannot afford to post on the entertainment today, music tomorrow and politics on the next. Look for a particular niche to channel your energy.

6. I partner with other influencers

A tree can never make a forest. Influencers understand this so well and one of the reasons they engage in healthy collaboration with fellow influencers. For example, an artistic influencer may employ the service of a well-known photographer to take some beautiful shots under some known agreement.

7. Some hide their sex

It is a general belief that female folks do the Instagram-influencing-job better than the male counterpart. Some male influencers who grew their followers for marketing purposes sometimes hide their sex to get more jobs.

8. Tracking down progress

Do not feel influencers are too busy to track their progress. Forget about anything anyone might have mentioned to you. Instagram influencers want to be at the top of the game. They also seek feedback and measure their level of achievement through some adopted yardsticks.

9. Instagram Influencers have tools they work with

Influencers also use aided tools, to push their posts, do some analysis, and what have you. Some even go to the extent of customizing their devices such as analytical tools best fit for their niche. Five of the standard tools used are; Instagram insights, crowd fire, hypeauditor, keyhole, and iconosquare.

Ten (10) tips Instagram influencers do not want you to know about

Image: HypeEditor. The screenshot was taken on November 22, 2019

10. Instagram Influencers face challenges as well

Do not be deceived; Instagram influencers face solution-seeking problems as well. They have questions yet unanswered. One of the numerous challenges lies in the tons of essential messages that chokes their inbox every day.

They cannot afford to ignore all, some messages are worth replying or else they lose some jobs. They have to read these messages and give befitting replies amidst other activities they have to do. Apart from responding to messages, influencers are not shielded from receiving insults and attacks on their personalities and intellectuals. The Internet gives a kind of freedom of speech one can go away with. Yes, you heard that right. However, influencers also have great supporters online.

Date: November 25, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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