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Revise Your Instagram Marketing Strategy And Find The Winning Formula

Having an Instagram marketing strategy is always a good start when building your presence on the platform. What if that strategy isn’t working as well as you wanted it to? Let’s take a look at how you can improve your strategy. 

Redefine your strategic goals

One of the indicators that your Instagram strategy is not working is if you are not meeting the goals you have set for it. For example, you might not be reaching your target number of followers as fast as you want. In this case, you have to decide whether to revise your methods or refine your goals altogether.

Look back at your analytics, and see what the trends are. Compare these trends with your goals and see how you can incorporate them. If you are seeing more engagements coming in from a different audience, consider marketing more towards that group. This doesn’t mean that you would have to drop your initial audience. You just need to weigh on whom you will prioritize more.

Revise Your Instagram Marketing Strategy And Find The Winning Formula

@ecosystem_kami IG Post. Screenshot was taken on August 13, 2019

You also need to look into the qualitative aspect of your audience’s feedback. Look into things  like:

  • What are people saying about your Instagram profile page?
  • What kind of comments do you get on your images?
  • What kind of content is your audience requesting?
  • How does your audience engage with you? 

By answering these questions, you’ll get an idea of what kind of interactions work better for your audience. This will help you reorient your objectives to nurture those interactions. 

Revise your content strategy

Once you’ve set new goals, you need to reorient your content to match them. See which of your previous content worked with your audience, and determine how this content will work with your new goals. Instagram videos, in particular, will work with any strategy. 

You also need to define new content to add to your repertoire. Go back to the commentaries made by your audience to determine what content they want to see more. You can even try out entirely new content types to generate more engagements. Make sure that your new content will blend with existing ones by extending the branding you used on old materials. 

Reworking your page’s tone will also help you make your page more effective. In particular, review your previous content to see if you have been too “salesy” in your promotions. Switching to a more lighthearted tone is a good move. Be sure to get the feedback of your audience as soon as possible to see if they approve of the new changes. 

Aside from revising your general content strategy, you should pay attention to your hashtag strategy too. Search for your tag to see how well it is doing. Look for ways to popularize it further among your audience. This can even include switching to a new, more optimized version of your hashtag. 

Be more proactive

The final aspect of your Instagram strategy that you need to revise is how you engage with your audience. In many Instagram strategies, you wait for people to engage with your content before you respond to them. To catch their attention better, you would want to be more proactive in connecting with them. 

Following people in your audience is one of the effective ways to increase engagement. Look for the ones that you like, and start checking their posts. You can then comment and share their posts to generate conversations. Directing your followers to check their page is another great move. 

Refining your Instagram marketing strategy is a continuous process. Review it regularly to see the improvements that you need to do. Soon enough, you will find a winning strategy that will draw in more followers.

Date: November 12, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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