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How to Use Instagram like A Pro-Gamer

In the past, Instagram was seen as a platform for showcasing beautiful pictures and posting excellent videos. However, the gaming niche has gained equal recognition on Instagram and has recorded massive growth over the last few years.

On Instagram, most people tend to stick to one game for a long time, and if they can't leave it, then it goes viral that everyone else starts playing it. Hence, as a gamer, you should take advantage of Instagram to cement your reputation as one of the best gamers in the business using the suggestions below

Engage With Other Gaming Influencers

If you want to be a popular gamer on Instagram, it's recommended that you engage with gaming influencers to gain more experience. Check out what they did when starting. After taking a look at this, you should keep it at the back of your mind that you don't necessarily have to copy all that they've done since you aim to make your account unique. Instead, try to use this as an inspiration on how to gain more popularity.

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Tuber just got updated, join my network "plzkillme"

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Leaving comments on the post of an Influencer is a good way to gain some visibility. However, ensure you don't take advantage of the comment section to advertise your game as this will be seen as spam.

If you're looking for an Influencer to model your account around, Felix Kjellberg can serve as an inspiration. He's one of the most popular Gaming Influencers on Instagram and currently has over 19m followers. The Swedish star runs the PewDiePie gaming business in addition to having over 100 million YouTube subscribers.

VanossGaming is also another Influencer to look out for. His follower base is no match for PewDiePie, but when it comes to influencers, it's all about what they can offer rather than the numbers of followers they have. What you will like about VanossGaming is the number of engagement as well as how well he manages his followers.

Even though he's mostly seen with an owl mask, this hasn't affected the number of likes and comments he keeps getting. With over 20 million YouTube subscribers, VanossGaming has all that you need to become a Pro-Gamer yourself.

Define Your Brand

On Instagram, your brand has to be unique and different from everyone else in your niche. Following gaming influencers and modeling your brand around theirs doesn't mean you have to copy everything they do.

The best thing to do to maintain a strong Instagram presence is to create a theme and stick to it all through. Creating a unique theme for your brand makes you stand out and at the same time, improve visibility. Your topic should include components like colors, visually appealing patterns, and fonts.

Use Gaming Hashtags

So many gamers on Instagram post exciting content but the majority of it is unseen by the right audience. This is because they're using the wrong methods when posting on Instagram. This could be a shame because gaining visibility on a platform like Instagram involves using the right hashtags.

Using the right gaming hashtags on your post help, you position your post to the right audience, which invariably gets you more engagement. Without the right hashtags, a proper Instagram post may be left unseen. The right gaming hashtag can make a difference between getting 100 and 10,000 views on your post.

If you're just starting on Instagram, it becomes a bit tedious when trying to figure out the right hashtags to use on your post. What really separates a pro from an amateur depends on the use of hashtags. The most popular Gaming hashtags are the ones used by the majority of gamers on Instagram but give little information about people's search.

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Watch till the end 💀

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Presently, the most popular hashtags on Instagram include: #gaming #gamers #games #playstation #xbox #stream #win.

Apart from popular hashtags like the one mentioned above, you can derive hashtags from the game featured in your post. For instance, if you play games like Fortnite or Angry Bird, search for hashtags related to these games and add to your post as this will help you find users who have similar interests.

If you're still struggling to find the right hashtags despite the suggestion given above, you can make use of free tools that can help you generate hashtags in a few minutes. When using hashtag tools, ensure they're related to the social media platform you're using. In the case of Instagram, use only free hashtag tools for Instagram.

Screen Record with Audio

Most Instagram gamers are fond of recording their screen, which is actually an excellent move. However, when doing so, ensure you're recording your screen record with the audio. If you fail to do this, you won't be taken seriously.

The best way to record your screen is to actually record it on your Instagram game account while you're doing all the talking. It's possible to record game videos with a simple smartphone camera. But if you want to look like a pro, invest in Video editors to clean up your videos.

Promote Your Gaming Channel

Most Instagram gamers started on YouTube, using the channels to build their audience before moving on to Instagram. If you have a YouTube channel that I suggest you should have, including a link to your Instagram handle will be a good idea.

However, ensure your username on Instagram, and your channel name is similar so that people can easily identify you. In your Instagram bio section, you should also provide a link to your YouTube channel so viewers can also access your content. When you drop a new video on Instagram, don't forget to tell your followers to visit your channel to watch the complete video and to click the subscribe button after doing so.


Gaming is killing it right now on Instagram, and it will be a big shame if you're struggling with increasing your popularity giving the numbers of games that are making it. These tips are the secret strategy used by Instagram influencers to gain more visibility, and there's no reason why yours will be different if you put it into practice.

Date: November 18, 2019 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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