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5 Ways to Make Your Business Page Insta-Worthy

With a whole lot of social media platforms out there- Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it's hard to choose an excellent platform for your business. For business owners, having a business page is essential for the success of your business. While Facebook Marketing on Facebook is the likeliest option for most small business owners, Instagram has stolen a match on the former by creating its advertising platform.

However, Instagram is different from other platforms because it creates more visibility which translates to more engagement. As such, to take advantage of Instagram and its advertising platform, it's recommended to create a worthy Instagram page.

Create a Business Profile and Build an Identity

The first thing to do to make your business page insta-worthy is first to create a business profile. Set up a business account rather than a personal one. When creating a business profile, enter a simple business name, category, and description that clearly defines what your business stands for. Use the biofield to tell your followers what you can do for them and why they should choose you.

For brands, it's better to use your company's logo as your profile picture than a face. This doesn't mean all your posts should be that of a logo; always find a way to integrate real people into your post no matter what you post.

If you want to swap from a personal account to a business account, go under your profile menu and change to a business account from the Instagram app. It's advisable to create a separate account for your business rather than swapping to a business account from a personal account.

5 Ways to Make Your Business Page Insta-Worthy

Image: An example of business account turned from personal account

After creating a business profile, your next goal is to engage followers right away. Once you publish your page on Instagram, create a brand personality. Your brand personality is simply the message your business conveys to followers. More like an identity. Is your character funny? Serious? Or Relaxing? Whatever status you go for ensuring you replicate that throughout your post. You can't be funny today and severe tomorrow. Ensure your personality is consistent across all social media platforms.

Use Hashtags

Another way to make your business page insta-worthy is to gain more extensive reach. Profile with a wider range is more realistic as your audience can easily trust you. Hashtags and location are essential tools to expand your reach and get your post in front of the right audience. Hashtags make it possible for your post to be seen by new users as well as followers.

For a business account, we advise you to choose a custom hashtag. Custom hashtags will authenticate your business and make your brand unique.

Be Active

It's not enough to create an Instagram page. Never treat your page like that of Facebook where your wall is empty. On Instagram, more than 70% of your post is not seen by your followers. This is why it's essential to use all the necessary tools at your disposal to increase your chances of appearing higher up on people's feeds.

Secondly, the Instagram algorithm is changing. The feed is no longer chronological. This means your post will only be seen by those you interact with daily. The best way to ensure your audience actually sees your post is by posting consistently. In this case, a post scheduler will help you schedule your post.

Though you will achieve a certain level of engagement by posting regularly, making your page insta-worthy goes beyond communicating with your followers alone. The best way to build a relationship with your customers is by interacting with other accounts in your niche. This includes commenting and liking their posts. This strategy also gets you more visitors

Use Appealing Visual Content

Instagram has no room for the long epistles. Since Instagram is more of a visual platform, this means the images and videos you post on your business page should be of high quality. Whether it is a promotion or testimonial from your customers, ensure only high-quality content is published. If you're posting a testimonial from Customers, you might be forgiven for using sub-standard images or videos.

If the images are initially from you, think about lightening and the background of your image. To ensure your image is always up to Instagram standard, choose a designated spot where you know the background has good lightening and other factors that can produce a good picture.

You can also use free Photo Apps to edit your image and make it more attractive to your audience. To further keep your Instagram page aesthetically appealing, use a photo planning app that allows you to organize your photos and see how your feed will look like before posting on Instagram.

Get Creative

Posting a similar type of content over and over again on your wall will likely drive your followers away. On Instagram, it's important to diversify by keeping things fresh and exciting. For instance, you can't be posting the same pictures from an event week after week. Your followers will quickly get bored. If you sell products or render Services, ensure you alternate between photos and videos when posting testimonials. Videos are more convincing and engaging than images. This extends to not just testimonials but even content from you.

Since Instagram is a platform that allows you to bring your creativity into play, don't be limited by the number of things you can try out. You're allowed to get an experiment. Only when will you do so will you figure out what works and what doesn't.

For instance, if you're into beauty products, organize a contest where everyone can testify to how effective your products have been. Similarly, you can take some time from your busy schedule to show them round your company. If you're too busy for that, you can get an employee to handle your Installation story and show them around offices and behind the scene activities.

Date: November 4, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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