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How to Use Memes to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Prior to now, no one took the use of memes so serious, but nowadays various people are leveraging on them. This is because the year 2019 has been known as a year of trending in memes in boosting user engagement, and seeing this result, most brands have queued behind the trend. What we once have known to be exclusively for Instagram memes, today various brands have realized the power of Instagram memes to bring out the best to their audience, particularly in driving product interest and generating leads.

In this article, we will be looking at how we can make use of memes to attract our audience on the Instagram platform.

Firstly, what are memes? What makes it a meme? Does meme have to be comical? Pop-cultural? Or it should be the combination of these entire questions?

Even though the majority of us can recognize memes immediately, we came across them, but you'll agree that getting what they portray in a genuine sense can be a hard nut to crack.

A meme is an image depicting meaning that's passed upon from one user to another on social media. The exciting part of the meme is it typically has cultural relevance to the audience; they are time and again comic, and have a blend of imagery (GIF or photo) and text. Though it may seem tricky to label your meme or difficult to relate if you're not sensitive, there is a single factor that is very common with a meme: They are trendy on Instagram.

Moreover, it's interesting to note a lot of highly rated accounts on Instagram are in existence due to their memes sharing. Some of the accounts are @ladbible, @mytherapistsays, and @fuckjerry — with millions of fans.

But guess what? A lot of things are now changing in the business world all thanks to meme.

In 2018, businesses and companies began making use of the meme to attract the millennial and doing away with the old way of engagement bringing in a real and fun-loving way for their customers. There are various ways business applies the use of meme, starting from brand identity sharing and creating values to generating an audience for product awareness.

How to Use Instagram Memes effectively

As stated previously, meme so easily share among users, hence, posting a comic meme will earn you tons of comments, likes, saves, and shares. Moreover, you may be wondering ways you could slot in your memes to your Instagram account? Below are ways you can:

1. Memes for Promoting Your Brand Values

No doubt, Instagram remains a highly social platform for everyone, and most users only follow those accounts they can relate with its contents, in spite of whether such account is an influencer account or brand. This is why it is essential to allow your account to look like what's relatable to your audience.

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Over here rooting for you today 📣

A post shared by Ritual (@ritual) on

Let consider, for instance, @ritual. The current vitamin brand does consistently posts comic and fun memes that portray its brands and ethic values. Another account is @curology; they regularly make use of memes in building brand likeness with their targeted audience at the same time as still owing back to their brand ethics.

What is cool about this kind of Instagram meme style is anyone can make use of it. All you should do is find the right photo, GIF, or video and put up a content that relates to your ethics, and allow you in making brand memorable.

2. Memes for Sharing Viral Tweets from Your Community

Part of the significant frenzy to hit Instagram in 2019 is sharing memes of viral Tweets. Different Meme page such as @thefatjewish and @daquan have been using this style for long, but the good news is most brands now hop in on this latest trend. What is great about this trend was that it wasn't limited to companies putting out their contents on Instagram, they are finding Tweets from their community that imitate their attitude, brand style that appeals to followers on Instagram. Some meme accounts are happy to share their meme's as such doesn't matter as much in the comedy world, most influencers and brands are captivating it further by adding meme to every template to their contents.

3. Memes for Promoting Your Products

Because often most comic memes are stylishly used in product awareness, some memes do not most times looks like a promotion for a brand; most meme can serve as a way to promote your products easily. Furniture Company, like @burrow, does put a lot of memes to soft-promote their brand. There is a brand that often helps share good-humored memes to thrill the followers drawing giving their product some peripheral promotion. While Instagram is undoubtedly evolving as an active sales channel, as a brand, your goal should be to put out content that'll resonate with your market rather than only promoting your brand, and a significant way of doing this is to make use of Instagram memes your audience can like. The meme will create a way of selling that is so ideal for your audience because meme rarely comes across as ad or sales pitch.

4. Memes to Make Use as Timely

The Instagram meme is a great way for giving out timely and useful content that'll convert your product and lit the mood of your audience. Look at @rocketsofawesome – clothing brand for kids, but they often share smiley induced memes that are extremely pertinent and apt. @bustle is another one making use of meme that often shares timely memes for a vital break or festive break.

5. Memes to Entertain Your Audience

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Feelings about Glossier lip gloss ➡️

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Using a meme to entertain your guest is profitable, as a business-oriented person, it's good to have it in mind that you can post Instagram memes for the entertainment and comical purpose for your audience. @glossier is a perfect example. It consistently put out hilarious and cute memes that are only jaw-cracking.

Putting out memes like this no doubt will be a great way to give your fans the fun they deserved, and you'll be seen as someone friendly, and it makes your audience knows you're a real human, not a robot.

Date: October 28, 2019 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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