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Make Your Instagram Following Grow With These Tactics

Instagram is a great platform for establishing your online presence, with over a billion users to see your content. Turning that audience into actual followers is not always easy. To help you out, here are some strategies to boost your number of followers. 

Use your Instagram bio wisely

Aside from your image gallery, your Instagram bio is the first prominent section people will see when they visit your page. Make it grab people’s attention better by telling them directly how you can help them. You can highlight your skills then relate them to your audience. This should attract your ideal followers.

However, don’t write your bio like it’s for a company website. Remember that Instagram is a more informal platform. You would want it to be in a lighthearted tone.

You can even use a few appropriate emojis to show your page’s playful side.

You should also pay more attention to the link you add to your bio. Since you can only add one link, use this to direct people to pages that will drive longer interactions. Free exclusive content and discounts are a few ideas you can try. Change this bio link often to create more interest. 

Explore different content types

While Instagram was initially intended to be an image-sharing site, it has introduced other forms of media as well. Using other content formats is a great way to make your page more engaging and attractive to potential followers. 

One of these newer media experiences that you should use is Instagram Stories. Because of their short-lived nature, Stories work well for creating a sense of urgency among existing and potential followers. Use tags and hashtags, as these will make your Stories more discoverable and show up in the Explore tab. 

Another content avenue is IGTV, Instagram’s long-form video platform. This is great if you find the native video feature somewhat limited. Some content ideas you can try here are:

  • Explainer videos and commentaries
  • Tours and behind-the-scenes
  • Viewer features
  • Impromptu videos
Make Your Instagram Following Grow With These Tactics

Image: @blusssatan Painting Process in Ipad Pro in IGTV. Screenshot taken on August 10, 2019

With these and other IGTV ideas, you can expand your content library and give people more reasons to follow your page. 

Actively engage followers and the Instagram community

While automation is great for maintaining your page, personally running the page will help you develop closer relationships with your audience. Some of the tasks that you can be active with are:

  • Exploring hashtags
  • Responding to user comments
  • Joining conversations on other pages
  • Reposting content from other pages

By doing these tasks yourself, you tell visitors that there is a real person behind your account. This will encourage them to engage more. 

Building partnerships on the platform is also vital for increasing your page exposure and attracting more followers. Reach out to other similar pages for potential partnerships. Connecting with influencers is also a great move. 

Promote your page off Instagram

When growing your Instagram following, don’t limit yourself to people within the site. Promote your page on other social media and link back to Instagram. Facebook is a good starting place since it’s connected with Instagram. 

You would also want to engage people offline then lead them back to your profile page. Instagram’s Nametag feature is a useful tool in this situation. It lets people scan a special image, or QR code, which quickly goes to your profile page. 

Be creative in how you use your nametag, such as adding it to cards and flyers handed out to the public. This will increase the chances of people visiting your page. 

Attracting Instagram followers is a continuous process. While these strategies are effective, that shouldn’t stop you from trying other techniques. Do that, and you will gradually see your popularity grow on the site.

Date: October 3, 2019 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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