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Instagram: How to Get Real Instagram Followers Fast

Branding a newly started business on Instagram to ensure its success is one of the many objectives of building a network of real Instagram followers. This is made possible by the Instagram picture-based model feature. Furthermore, for your profile on Instagram to be monetized, more followers are more than what is needed as affirmed by the famous brand influencers and experts.

To achieve greater heights, it takes more effort, as well as time. Therefore, as challenging as it seems, it is possible to get to 10,000 real Instagram followers by, for example, everyday posts aimed at given audiences.

The following guidelines will help you get more Instagram followers

Consistency and relevance

You have to ensure that as an Instagram user goes through your content, they feel satisfied by your display of content, and they should feel that your posts will be more consistent from thereon. Besides daily posts, consistency also includes a perpetual flow of ideas and endless creativity for your Instagram pictures and videos. You cannot add images and clips of cosmetics and phone accessories on the same page, for instance, as it would point at a lack of consistency and relevance of your content. A high level of consistency equals high numbers of Instagram followers due to the distinguishable uniformity on your Instagram page. 

Ensure Instagram hashtags are relevant enough for your followers

Instagram hashtags are a much more effective means to capture more audience. Appropriate and targeted hashtags make your posts accessible to a larger target audience. With the expanding and always changing analytics, you should continuously be updated on which hashtags are best performing and relating to your Instagram posts. Although some believe that fewer hashtags give more views, others also prefer to stick to the fact that more followers come from a high number of hashtags. Because Instagram restricts the number of hashtags to a maximum of 30, it is advisable to put up to 30 different hashtags of related content to attract a higher number of Instagram followers and potential customers or prospecting clients.

Keep a keen eye on the competition

Smaller competition is easier to overthrow as compared to more significant competition. Follow their pages to keep track of the type of content they post, and both their presentations and how your competitors put their content out there. You should also engage with them, even if you are from the same industry or niche on Instagram because everyone has a different approach and perspective. More followers do not necessarily imply that your brand is bigger. Opt to follow them and like their posts and most of them will reciprocate it. 

Find the best influencers on Instagram to promote your brand

Influencers create and promote content, and that way, they can get massive followers on their social media and Instagram pages. Within a short period, they can gather lots of audiences even from scratch just by featuring your content on their pages. Look out for them and let them get your content out there. However, you should be keen to find the right influencers through reviews and recommendations of other Instagram users. In the process, try and avoid scammers who will create fake followers and end up risking your Instagram account by following legal means. Find the famous Instagram influencers within your niche, and this increases the possibility of more sales and more followers.

Give our rewards regularly

For the love of free stuff, people will get the motivation to follow you on your Instagram page if you have regular giveaways. Once you begin giving them gifts, you will realize that they will develop an interest in your posts. However, don’t give out too much because some of the followers you get might be following you on Instagram for the wrong reasons. Rewards are meant to serve as an incentive to your followers, and most of them will remain prospective clients.

Maintain authenticity and attractiveness in your content

Being original and appealing in your posts attracts more followers on your page due to the unique nature of your posts. Despite authenticity coming out with huge costs of official photography, the content, in turn, will be worth it because different brands will come promoting your page and this attracts a higher number of potential customers and clients. Remember, there is no shortcut to the big breakthrough; you have to go over the initial stages step by step because it will be a sure way that you are building your brand from scratch.

Find and join a good Instagram engagement group

Some groups work to boost your level of engagement and strive to ensure your post becomes visible to more people, which in turn attracts more followers. Selecting an engagement group on Instagram should mostly be based around your niche to ensure your followers are potentially your clients too. Based on how fast you want to gain followers, you should make a decision on how many engagement groups you should join. Ensure the engagement groups are legit and not just scammers out to dupe you and mess with your account.

Use content related to your business niche from other pages

Despite the earlier stress on authenticity, it is advisable to pick posts relating to your niche from other pages and use them to complement your authentic posts. This will, in turn, impress Instagram users and hence attract more followers. To ensure their privacy policy is preserved, remember to refer them to these posts once you take them from their pages. You can use backlinks to and from the relevant pages, of course, after acknowledging the source.

In a Nutshell…

People tend to think that starting an Instagram page is complicated and overly stretching. But the truth is that starting a new Instagram page is always easy, and gaining real Instagram followers momentarily is even easier. By using the above steps, everything becomes simplified for both individuals and also brands, and you can do it too.

Date: October 7, 2019 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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