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These Challah Businesses Got Thousands of Followers on Instagram

Challah is a traditional bread in Jewish cuisine, usually braided, and typically eaten on Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) and other Jewish occasions. These six Jewish businesswomen turned their love of challah into small-scale businesses that are steadily gaining fame on Instagram.

Mandylicious Challah

Mandy Silverman is one of those home bakers doing business out of love of challah. In 2013, she founded Mandylicious Challah. She currently makes 50 loaves per week, and she delivers them within Boston every Friday. She says she reaches local customers mainly through word of mouth.

On a broader scale, Silverman provides advice to her followers located as far as Peru, France, and Thailand. Her Instagram page, which has more than 16,000 followers, contains her personal challah interpretations, like this red velvet cake challah below.

These Challah Businesses Got Thousands of Followers on Instagram

Hamsa Challah

Silverman’s customers are within her locality, but having an Instagram page gave her a venue to connect with other people who share her love of challah. Like Lissette Grobman and Lilianne Braun who recently started their own challah business in Miami last November. While the business is relatively new, the pair is already selling 150 to 200 loaves in a week. Their Instagram page only has 300 followers, but the two expect to take advantage of the platform for future expansion of Hamsa Challah.

These Challah Businesses Got Thousands of Followers on Instagram

The Kitch NY

Another baker and challah lover is Kayla Kaye, the owner of The Kitch NY. She makes 75 to 100 loaves in a week and delivers those items within Long Island. Her challahs have diverse flavors, including this garlic-stuffed challah, one of her more popular products.

These Challah Businesses Got Thousands of Followers on Instagram

The Kitch NY’s page has more than 3,000 Instagram followers. Like Silverman’s and Grobman and Braun’s businesses, Kaye’s business also relies upon word of mouth to get local customers. Kaye also expects to use Instagram as an advertising tool in case she decides to expand her business.

Challah Hub

Sarah Klegman and Elina Tilipman co-founded Challah Hub, a challah shop in Los Angeles. The store sells challahs with unique flavors and challah-inspired merchandise. It’s also a venue for several challah-themed events.

As confessed “weirdoughs,” Klegman and Tilipman aren’t afraid to experiment with their challah designs, like this octopus-inspired challah.

These Challah Businesses Got Thousands of Followers on Instagram

Challah Hub has 12,000 Instagram followers, but the two owners say the high figure doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. While they admit that they are still learning how to run their business, getting sales is not their only motivation. For them, it’s priceless to know that people appreciate their challah creations and that their products are becoming part of many Shabbat tables.    

Challah and getting Instagram followers

Silverman wants to connect with fellow challah lovers. Kaye, Grobman, and Braun intend to use Instagram for future expansion. Klegman and Tilipman look forward to translating their social media following to more sales. 

While these women have different goals, it appears that they are doing the right things to continue attracting more Instagram followers. Their pages are filled with mouth-watering food images… and who doesn’t like food, anyway? Not only that; they are not afraid to share some of their recipes to attract and engage followers.

So when using Instagram for business purposes, you can grow your audience by applying what these women do. Make sure you have visually-stunning posts and exciting content. Connect with other users within your niche, and engage your followers by sharing your best stuff. As you slowly build your followers on Instagram, you are also giving yourself opportunities to promote your business naturally. 

Date: October 22, 2019 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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