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5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Likes on Instagram

Instagram is an ever-changing platform, with over 500 million daily active users. Due to the growth, it has recorded within a short period, features and algorithms are changed daily. To this effect, some changes have seen users record fewer likes on their posts which is bad for brands looking to maintain a certain level of engagement.

With the metrics put in place, Instagram can rate page relevance with the numbers of followers as well as likes and comments recorded. If the account generates a lot of engagement, the metrics assume the account is valuable; hence, it will show your post to more people. If you're getting fewer likes on your post, you're likely to gain less popularity because your post will appear down the user's feeds.

If you understand how Instagram works, you will know that you can't afford to record fewer likes on your Instagram account for long. The best way to rectify this is first to identify what you're doing wrong. For instance, you need to identify why the numbers of likes have reduced, why your followers aren't engaging with your post, and if the quality of your content has decreased. 

In this article, you will understand several factors responsible for generating fewer likes on Instagram and how to rectify it.

Shadowban Will Prevent You From Getting Instagram Likes

One of the reasons responsible for getting fewer likes on your Instagram post is shadowban. Average Instagram users have no idea what this means. In simple terms, the effect of shadowban translates to less reach, which invariably means no likes. In reality, if just a few see your post of your followers, expect the numbers of likes to reduce.

But how do shadowban works and how do you avoid getting your post shadowbanned?

Shadowban is linked to hashtags. Nowadays, hashtags are overused and utilized the wrong way. From recent updates, some hashtags have been banned as a means to filter out relevant content and only show useful content to their audience. However, shadowban applies only to posts which means if you post three materials daily, one is likely to be shadowbanned if it doesn't comply with the new policy.

According to recent updates, Instagram is adopting the Facebook algorithm in sorting out content on user's feeds. The new algorithm allows users to see materials from users they interact more with rather than those they rarely chat with. However, this can be seen as a positive one for brands since their active followers get to see updates and recent posts from their account.

Changing Algorithm

In the past few weeks, Instagram has tweaked its algorithm once again. Nowadays, it's common to see two days old posts in your feed. This means fewer people are likely to react to your post if they see it at a later date.

The home feed has also been changed. You will notice that the feed arrangements aren't chronological anymore. What this simply means is that your followers won't see a post the minute it's published. Hence, you won't immediately record likes on your post.

The algorithm presently works in a way that only posts from the account you interact more with will be at the top of your home feed. The algorithm tends to prioritize interaction over likes and comments. The more you relate with your followers, the more your post is likely to appear higher up on their news feed.

Lack of Consistency

If you want to grow on Instagram, you have to be consistent. This is even more important for those just starting. You might struggle to build your audience if you do not post regularly. 

For instance, if you're fond of posting once a week, you will observe that you will struggle to gather likes compared to someone who's posting daily. The longer you stray Away from Instagram, the more Instagram forgets you. The same applies to your audience.

To get the greatest out of this platform, take a couple of hours from your time to schedule your post in advance. This ensures you come up with more appealing content before you post.

 No More Bots

In case you didn't know, using bots doesn't comply with the Instagram policy, and it's no surprise that they're getting shut down. A few months back, lots of bots app, including ingress, was shutdown which means several Instagram accounts were left with no tools helping them to automatically like their post.

Even though this is frown at by the Instagram community, bots provide an easy way of getting likes within a few hours a post is published. Instagram algorithm presumes such post is relevant given the numbers of likes generated.

Unfortunately, with bots gone, most users have to settle for fewer likes and engagement on their posts, which have resulted in lowering reach. Without bots, you have to get used to seeing the numbers of engagement on your post decrease.

Use Instagram Stories

The truth is that most Instagram users love Instagram Stories. They're more consistent in checking for new stories than scrolling through their news feed. Use this to your benefit by telling your followers when a new post is published. Ensure your story is appealing and can quickly grab your followers' attention.

5 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Likes on Instagram

Image: Instagram Stories. Screenshot taken on October 10, 2019

Since your Instagram story disappears after 24 hours, use this space to create a strong hashtag strategy and give people an unforgettable experience. With Instagram Stories, you can keep in touch with your followers and feed them in advance about upcoming posts.


 The Instagram algorithm will never stop changing. It is left for the users to adapt to every change that surface and work towards getting the most from the algorithm. The best tips to improve engagement on your account are consistency, quality content, and genuine relationship with your audience. 

Rather than going for instant likes, think long term. Focus on building your audience by using hashtags and dishing out creative content. The more likes you generate, the higher the algorithm rates your content. Hence, your visibility will also improve.

Date: October 30, 2019 / Categories: Like Tactics, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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