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How To Attract More Followers To Your New Instagram Page

If you are just starting with Instagram, growing your followers is essential for gaining more attention to the platform. It is, however, by no means easy. Here are some useful tips to convince people to follow you and boost your visibility.

Create a theme for your photos

Having a consistent look that people can associate with your Instagram page is a great way to generate recall. To have an idea for your theme, list down the words that you would want people to associate with your page. Taking a look back at the posts you already have will help you define those words. 

Once you have your theme, start applying it to your page. You should highlight the theme in the following elements:

  • Color palette: Incorporate the colors representing your theme into your photos in different ways, such as in the backgrounds or the objects in your image. 
  • Image lighting: If possible, try to shoot in the same lighting conditions to set the mood of your images. 
  • Your caption: Using the words you have chosen earlier for your captions is a good way to reinforce your page themes. 

When posting themed content, make sure to intersperse them with other posts. This will actually make your theme more noticeable by people.

Tag your photos right

While you are familiar with hashtags and how to popularize them, there are tagging strategies you should explore. One of these is geotagging or the practice of tagging the location of your photos. This is a great way for people who use the same geotag to discover and follow your page. 

How To Attract More Followers To Your New Instagram Page

Image: @czechinchicago geotag Image. Screenshot was taken on August 7, 2019

Instagram provides different geotagging tools:

  • Instagram Stories Stickers: The Location sticker for Stories lets you quickly sift through the geotags already available and insert it into your content. 
  • Hashtags: An alternate way for you to add the location to your Instagram Stories or regular posts is by using hashtags. Be sure to use the ones related to your location. 
  • Create the location: If there are no geotags available yet for your desired location, you can create one on Facebook and then incorporate it into your Instagram content. 

When adding a geotag to your Instagram post, consider how relevant or useful it is going to be for people who will view that post. For example, you can geotag posts telling people about your current store promos. 

Another tagging strategy to explore is user tagging. The quickest way to make use of this is by tagging and mentioning followers on your posts. This is a good way to show that you notice them. This will also encourage them to share your posts with their peers. Here’s King James letting his teammate LAnce know that he appreciates him, and notice how he razzes Jeff Green a little:

How To Attract More Followers To Your New Instagram Page

Image: Lebron James tagged Stephenson Lance on his Instagram Photo. Screenshot was taken on August 8, 2019

Tagging influencers within your niche is also a good strategy. When you do this, be sure that the tagged post is one that they will find interesting. Don’t tag them too many times, as this will discourage influencers from interacting with you. 

Interact with the larger Instagram community

An effective way to be more visible on Instagram is by interacting with other people’s content. Look for photos in your niche that you really like, and engage them. Make sure your comments are insightful to encourage them to respond back. 

Reposting other users’ content on your page also helps get them to engage with you. Offer a commentary as to why you like the photo, and tag them in the post. 

How To Attract More Followers To Your New Instagram Page

Image: AndrewWalford reposting from @thepontchartrain. Screenshot taken on August 8, 2019

It would also be a good idea to encourage your followers to visit other users’ page. The owner of the content will surely welcome your repost and likely return the favor. 

Try out these tips and strategies, and see just how much your follower numbers grow. You can also explore other strategies that further increase your presence. 

Date: September 11, 2019 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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