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Finding The Right Instagram Influencer To Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Working with influencers is an effective strategy to help your Instagram page reach out to more audiences. To get the benefits, however, you should be working with the right influencers. Let’s take a look at how you can find them and get a good start teaming up with them.

Consider their audience

The first thing you should weigh on when selecting influencers is the audiences they have. Keep in mind that their audience must align with yours. This ensures that the posts they create for you will reach exactly the people you want to engage in. There are platforms like Influencer Bay, which help you connect with the right people.

Finding The Right Instagram Influencer To Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Image: Kylie Jenner Promoting Hair Vitamins. Screenshot taken on Agust 8, 2019

In this case, you might want to get micro-influencers instead of the traditional big-name ones. They are the accounts that have just a few thousand followers. What makes them a better option is that they have a more specific audience set. This gives you the opportunity to find an audience that matches your niche. 

As an added benefit, these followers engage with their influencer more closely. With that kind of relationship, you can expect these followers to have a better reception of the content you market through the influencer. By working with different micro-influencers, you will be able to get a better hold of a larger audience. 

Craft an effective content strategy

For your influencer to connect with your audience, the content they create should be relatable. This might seem a given if you are getting the influencers that best fit your audience, but you still need to reinforce that idea in your content. 

For example, if you are marketing family-oriented products, an image of the “ideal” family that seems to come from a lifestyle magazine is not always the best way to go. Don’t shy away from presenting a less glamorous side of your subject, such as family issues that your content might help solve. 

Finding The Right Instagram Influencer To Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Image: @missmadelienelouise promoting baby products. Screenshot was taken on August 5, 2019

This makes the influencer’s work more effective since the followers can see themselves more in the presented content.

Creating a layered content strategy for your influencers also helps them guide the audience through your product. Make different types of content that will let them showcase the various aspects of your product, such as: 

  • Images that show the influencer using your product/service
  • Informative videos that both you and the influencer can share on your Instagram pages 
  • Blog posts that provide additional information about what you offer
  • A giveaway or contest to entice your audience to engage more 

By doing a more varied content library, you help your influencer create an immersive experience for the audience. Improve on this further by tailoring your content types to the ones that your audience best responds to. 

Support your influencer’s work

A common mistake by many marketers when collaborating with Instagram influencers is just letting the latter do all the work. To ensure that they will be successful, you should give them a helping hand. Boosting their posts through paid promotions is an effective tactic to increase their reach faster. 

Providing them with new content material as frequently as possible will also help them meet the demands of their audience. Talk about this during planning, and ask them what content they need so you can supply that to them. Build your content publication schedule to match their own, and create a steady stream of content for them. 

Delivering on their end of the deal is also crucial. Note that this is not just about monetary gain. Give them things like discount coupons or freebies that let them enjoy the same benefits enjoyed by your audience. 

Finding The Right Instagram Influencer To Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

@a.step.beyond promoting the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Screenshot was taken on August 5, 2019

This not only helps them better understand your product or service but also establishes your long-term relationship with them. 

Teaming up with influencers is by no means easy. You have to make an effort to establish a strong relationship with them. Plan out your strategy well to get them to your side, and watch how they boost your Instagram following.

Date: August 20, 2019 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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