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How To Increase Your Instagram Follower Count: Six Effective Ways

Anyone who has ever tried can say that it’s difficult to gain followers that are not your relatives or friends. Whether you are trying to promote a brand, or if you want to become a social media influencer, increasing your follower count on Instagram is the very first thing you want to do since it’s at the very core of what you want to accomplish. The more followers you have, the more visible you become, the more successful you or your brand will be. It’s like a ripple, and here are some of the drops that could start it:

Stick to a schedule

Posting regularly is important for visibility. It is also one of the best practices for increasing Instagram engagement. You can’t do it sporadically since this will get you out of circulation. You may want to post every day at a specific time, or you may want to post three times a week. Set a goal that works for you.

More than setting and sticking to a schedule though is to know which days and at what specific time your target audience is online. This allows your posts to be seen immediately and not be buried by other posts on people’s news feeds. Generally speaking, the best time to post is during the morning, before office hours, at lunchtime, and early in the evening. #LunchTime is always big on Instagram:

It’s also important to look at your own stats instead of relying solely on global or general advice. You can use third-party apps such as Later to see your top posting times. You can also manually check your posts, find out which ones have the highest engagement, and see if you posted these at around the same time range.

Engage with other users

Engaging with other accounts is among the top tips in optimizing your Instagram account. This involves both liking and commenting on the posts of other users, though commenting is way more effective than merely liking. Reply to post comments from your followers, and comment on posts by other accounts within your niche.

You can search for posts that use hashtags you’re also using and start a conversation with them. You may also comment on accounts under the Explore tab. The key is to communicate with other Instagram users to expand your reach and your network.

How To Increase Your Instagram Follower Count: Six Effective Ways

Don’t forget to hashtag

Developing a hashtag strategy is crucial in growing your Instagram account. It makes your posts visible to people who don’t follow you, so it’s an effective way to influence potential followers. You can tell how popular a hashtag by typing it in since the number of posts that used that hashtag will be shown.

Another hashtag strategy is to create your own unique hashtag which will make people think about you and your brand when they see it. Coca Cola is brilliant in creating such hashtags for their marketing campaigns, like #ShareACoke, #TogetherIsBeautiful, and #RefreshtheFeed.

Craft your bio wisely

The bio section of your profile may only give you a limited space to describe your account, but it’s located at a very strategic place so you have to take full advantage of it. In 150 characters, tell your profile visitors something interesting that will make them want to tap on the Follow button.

Don’t be a copycat

There are accounts that copy photos and memes, and post them as their own. There are also those that imitate the personality of another Instagram account in their field. Don’t be like them. Create your own unique style on Instagram, something that reflects your brand and something that you can own. Look at how juice company Frooti developed a unique personality on Instagram just by using consistent visuals.

Tell stories

People love stories. This is true even on Instagram despite it being mainly a photo-sharing app. Write a caption that will capture the interest and the heart of your target audience. You have a limit of 2200 characters to develop a deep connection with anyone who pauses long enough to see your post.

Although you can’t add links to a caption, you can tag other Instagram users and include a maximum of 30 hashtags. You can also ask your followers to check out a link in your bio or include any type of call to action.

Growing your Instagram account

There’s no room for timidity and no time for laziness if you want to grow your Instagram account and increase your follower count. For one, you need to spend time creating a caption that will go along with the great photo or video you have. You can’t just throw in a quick one-liner and hope that people will find the visuals interesting enough to check you out. While this works for some accounts, most of the successful ones actually invest time and effort in their captions and hashtags.

Aside from this, you also need to dedicate some time in communicating with other accounts. Reach out to existing followers by thanking those who liked your post and replying to their comments. You also need to make yourself visible to non-followers by commenting on the posts of other accounts.

Increasing your follower count on Instagram is no easy feat. You can do it with the right strategies, and a little elbow grease!

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