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Does Buying Instagram Followers Really Work?

For people who want to promote their brand or be a social media influencer, they publish interesting content so they can naturally get more followers. Most of the time, creating good content though isn’t really enough. That’s why some brands and influencers resort to other tactics, like buying Instagram followers.

It’s quite tempting—there are several providers that will let you buy 1000 followers for just $10. The method of buying Instagram followers though casts some doubt: Is it safe and legal? Is it worth your money? Is it really effective?

We look into these questions and other things you need to know about buying Instagram followers. This way, you can weigh your options and decide if this Instagram growth tactic is suitable for you.

Can I really buy Instagram followers?

There are dozens of companies that offer this kind of service. For instance, you can now have 500 followers for $6, 1000 followers for $10, or 10,000 followers for a little over $50.

Your great content will now be seen by thousands of people! Or will it really be?

Unfortunately, many so-called “followers” provided by most companies are actually bots or inactive accounts. As a result, they can’t make your posts appear on the news feeds of your followers or on Explore Pages.

Getting authentic Instagram followers

Don’t get discouraged though—there are high-quality providers that offer authentic followers. These followers are real and active accounts which can drive your account’s engagement up. Look for these providers, and do research by reading reviews and feedbacks.

Another method is to pay a company to follow other accounts on your behalf, hoping that these accounts will follow you back. You specify your preferences, like gender, age bracket, location, and account type. However, while these are real accounts, there’s no assurance that they will follow you back.

Buying Instagram followers: The good and bad

Buying Instagram followers is attractive. It will help boost your followers’ count and make your account look reliable, popular, and worth following. People are naturally drawn to popular accounts; if your account seems famous, it will then attract organic and engaged followers. Sometimes, the followers’ count is a deciding factor for some people to follow (or not to follow) a certain account.

Another important Instagram metric is engagement which affects how Instagram’s algorithm works. The higher the engagement rate, the more people will see your post on Explore Pages or on other people’s news feeds. Unfortunately, engagement is something you can’t directly get from bought followers, especially if these are bots or fake accounts. Still, the right provider can help you get a high engagement rate.

A drawback is that if people find out that you’re buying fake Instagram followers, your credibility could suffer. It’s not difficult for people to figure this out. As stated by the tweet below, if you have thousands of followers but your photos only have a few likes and comments, then that’s a hint for some people as fake followers do not engage with your posts.

Should I buy Instagram followers?

The answer is yes, but only from reputable sources that offer authentic followers.

Be cautious of providers which provide fake Instagram followers, as this can damage your engagement rate and visibility. If you fall for such companies, expect your performance metrics to be misrepresented. With fake followers included in your followers’ count, it will be difficult to measure your audience’s true response. Fake followers will skew the ratio, a very important figure in any marketing strategy. If your numbers are messed up, you won’t be able to create an effective marketing strategy.

High-quality providers offer genuine followers. Your number won’t be messed up since the followers are real and active Instagram users. They can like and comment on your posts, which positively affects your engagement.

While you can buy authentic Instagram followers from high-quality providers, that doesn’t mean you should stop creating great content. You should also engage with your existing followers so their loyalty to your brand will increase as well, and so your account remains relevant.

Date: June 29, 2019 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, / Author: E O


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