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Build An Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy With The Right People

Influencers are great partners when building your presence on Instagram since they attract lots of engagements. To get the most out of them, you need to have a good marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how to build and implement that strategy to get them to your side.

The types of Instagram influencers

While the word “influencer” is associated with the image of a celebrity with hundreds of thousands of social media followers, Instagram influencers are actually grouped under several categories:

  • Mega-influencers: Over a million social media followers.
  • Macro-influencer: Between 500,000 and a million followers.
  • Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 to 500,000 followers.
  • Micro-influencers: A minimum of 2,000 followers.
  • Nano-influencers: Fewer than 2,000 followers:

While these influencer types differ mainly by their follower numbers, each type serves a different purpose. You need to consider those purposes when deciding whom to work with.

The bigger influencers (mid to mega), for instance, are perfect for getting your Instagram content seen by more people. Mega-influencers like Kim Kardashian can charge up to $500,000 for a single post:

On the other hand, micro and nano-influencers are well-known for a more dedicated audience due to their smaller following. This makes them ideal if you want to connect with the audience in a more intimate manner. They also charge considerably less.

Note that you can take advantage of multiple influencer types depending on your campaign. You can use Mega-influencers for broad advertising goals, and different nano-influencers for carrying messages which are focused.

Preparing your influencer marketing budget

One thing you will likely ask when it comes to influencer marketing is how much does it cost. This is slightly complicated since influencers don’t follow a set rate. For instance, a post like this can fetch anywhere between $75 and $3,000, depending on the influencer.

There a variety of factors that affect the rate set by an individual influencer, including:

  • Number of followers: Most of the bigger Instagram influencers charge a fixed rate per 100,000 followers, while smaller ones will be more flexible in their rates.
  • Industry: Influencers belonging to highly coveted fields, like health and fashion, often charge more than the usual rates seen in other industries.
  • Engagement metrics: An influencer might also charge based on the level of expected engagement for the post. This is the most flexible factor that affects the cost.

When negotiating with influencers, be sure to discuss these factors with them to understand their rates. Note that they might request to change the partnership parameters, depending on their needs. Weigh these recommendations carefully to determine how it would affect your budget.

Note that your influencer marketing budget is not only about paying for the services of Instagram influencers. The type of campaign you will do with the influencers will also play a factor. Consider also the cost of support tools that you might need, such as promoted posts for boosting your content.

Reaching out to the influencer

A common mistake made by marketers is to go with influencers that have many followers. Do a thorough review to see if their accounts indeed have a thriving and active audience.

You also need to look into the level of engagement they get. Compare their number of followers to the average number of likes and comments they get. A lower engagement-to-follower rate might not be able to deliver the push you need, so be careful in choosing.

Once you have chosen an influencer, reach out to them through their contact channels. Micro-influencers are easier to connect with since they are usually the ones who directly manage their partnerships. Be sure to have a fully-detailed proposal during your initial engagement to give them a clear idea of what you offer right from the get-go.

After you have signed up with the influencer, don’t settle down just yet. You still need to work closely with them to ensure that your campaign is a success. Be sure to refine your Instagram influencer marketing strategy continuously to get better influencers for future engagements.

Date: June 25, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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